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“What does tomorrow hold?” you may wonder. “How is it going to work?” you may ask. Such thoughts are the daily bread of most people and as such, cause us to live life with perceptions and ideas that may affect us positively or negatively. A flurry of emotions are triggered by such questions, and rarely do we become level-headed and just figure things out, instead we tend to raise our blood pressure and temperature and sometimes even our level of foolishness at the onset of such anxious thinking. (more…)

In a world that indirectly promotes disclosure, its much harder to keep anything to yourself.. Facebook sits there with that box begging you to update..! Twitter has everyone else’s tweets all over your screen, and yours is the missing link to the stream of information disguised as a peek into someone’s thoughts.. Quite easily the most slick invasion of privacy there is out there.

There’s something to be said about being able to pause and think through your many thoughts. Setting them in order and placing priority. Even more, having that place of safety within you, where your thoughts and fears are yours alone. Only shared by those you love (who hopefully love you back).

It’s a special activity that we lose the impact of when it’s ‘given away’. Premature disclosure can really short-circuit one’s internal journey, as timing is a key element to the progressive knowledge of one’s hopes, dreams, and even fears. There’s a time to think, time to be anxious about what you discover, time to decide who you want to be in light of your discoveries… etc. There’s even a time to let SOME people know.

When you make any kind of statement on a public scale, it’s not just a few words put together…its an announcement! Heck it’s even a declaration! Such things are only done at a point of conclusion, decision, finality, and have the effect of CEMENTING the words and, unfortunately, even the feelings being expressed. Not because the audience heard it, but because YOU CREATED THE AUDIENCE. Making an announcement only helps what IS, and has no care for what MIGHT BE.

Your heart is a precious gift. The art of observing and pondering is priceless, as it allows an understanding to surface from within. It’s easy today to look for answers beyond ourselves. We have Google for that. Nothing is left unturned as the whole world seems to be exposed to us!
There’s no need for discovery anymore. Have someone you like? Well there’s “10 Ways to Know If They Like You Back”! Are you trying to face a fear? Look no further than “We Really Don’t Know If This Will Work, But I’m a Psychologist Who Seems To Get People, So Hopefully This Billionth Article Will Be The REAL Answer To Your Fear”!

There’s a wealth of knowledge that has been /given to you/. All you need to do is understand that, don’t be afraid of what’s happening inside you… Embrace you! Because the more you look beyond yourself for answers, the more you learn to IGNORE YOURSELF!

The guarded heart is one treasure that only you can open. Fill it only with what you need, what you dream, what you deal with. Ask yourself questions about the way your life has gone. Spend time quietly by yourself, put on some music, and just…. Be! Let answers come to you.

Be sure to have areas of your life that are yours alone. No need to be broadcasting your issues over the net, or at parties. You’ll just be cementing a view that will be held of you later (by those around you), and that judgement would be your fault! I’m sure you already know a few ‘drama-kings’ and ‘drama-queens’. All they do is show you their controversies, and they always have issues!
(At this point it would be good to hope that you’re not one of them)

Also be sure that when you DO announce/declare, it’s from a standpoint of understanding and security. You want to impart the possibility of growth and joy to people. The more defensive among us may argue “but it’s ok to have issues. I’m only human, and its good that people see it sometimes.”

My only response to that: it’s a shame that being “human” is only associated with weakness, because we’re all human for all of our lives! None of us turned into an alien when things were going well, and I don’t believe successful people have oil coursing through their bodies to maintain their internal machinery. We were human when we failed, and we were human when we succeeded.

Being human, is a marvellous thing. We were created this way. Looking down on yourself, only makes you a lower person! Don’t declare your shortcomings, rather declare their inability to stop you.

Guard your Heart.