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Hello 2012

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Inspired!
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I am admittedly a few days late (and almost two months without any real consistency in my blog) but I HAD to write something upon entering 2012. I mean, EVERYBODY’S DOING IT!

So, I won’t make this long. I just needed to say, I’m going to take myself a lot more seriously. Thankfully it’s not some silly resolution, I mean, who does that anyways?? No, I started this journey in December, and it has made me into a bit of a monster, in a good way. I think I’ve successfully “pimped my space” and a few other areas of my life, resulting in a bit of worry over how I might eat for the next few weeks. But no matter, two-minute noodles are my friend! (more…)

He sat right next to me in class
I can’t believe I forgot him
Maybe the times I spent learning
Caused a temporary blinding.
Break times he never did too much
Unless in my games I was losing
He always seemed to be present at such times
And that presence was always brooding. (more…)