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I used to (actually still do) read comic books that gave me this desire to rescue the world, and put on a costume that would give me instant muscles and super-powers! Go out there and kick some butt! Yet, I never really found that costume. Oh well, maybe I needed to do something more relevant to my sphere of influence. So I started watching kung-fu movies!

Wait, kung-fu was more relevant than superheroes? Of course it was! These guys were taught all their moves, dedicated themselves (more like subjected themselves) to harsh training, and after proving to be the best of their peers, were chosen to learn the ‘special secret techniques’ of their art. See… Much easier than having super-powers from some random source like being bitten by a radioactive monkey or actually coming from another planet (I know my dad was human, but my mum…….)!

Of course the only ‘master’ of any kind of martial art in my area was the guy down the road who was always drunk. Honestly it was an alcoholism of supernatural proportions! So that didn’t work.

Disappointed by the lack of opportunity, I think my young mind realised there must have been a recession going on in the economy of Heroes! Nobody showed me any signs of distress to respond to. I had no reason to flex my muscles that were obviously hidden inside me somewhere.
“GIVE ME A CHANCE DAMMIT!” was my internal outcry. People walked around with no fear, I didn’t hear any screaming at night, the world didn’t seem to need heroes.

Even more disappointed, I decided to just live a normal life, hopeful that one day my secret would manifest itself as some masked entity with amazing ability and my exact features that nobody would be able to connect to me even if they knew me! Lived as a normal civilian, went to school…and at some point, one of my super-powers kicked in: OBSERVATION! 

I saw something in my teachers I never saw before. They solved problems! Math problems, English problems, Science problems, Sports problems…no matter what the situation, they brought us out of our despair of ignorance…rescuing us from a life of pointless living. These guys were heroes!

Then my mum… I knew she was hiding something! Every time she disappeared into the kitchen, I always imagined her communicating with some outer-space creatures, finding new ways to put vegetables in my plate! To my shock and horror…she was cooking! Not just for me, for the whole house. And when there were guests, she flexed her powers even more!

OH MY GOSH THERE’S HEROES EVERYWHERE! I’d been hoodwinked…bamboozled…played! I was just as blind as all those random extras walking around in the comics and kung-fu movies. Heck I was even the damsel in distress sometimes…and I’m a guy! How did I miss this?

So, I dusted off my dreams of saving the world, and discovered I could be a Hero wherever I was! Sometimes people would know my identity, sometimes I’d be a flash in the night, but no matter how big or small the situation, I would rescue someone from something! Even writing this blog, makes me feel like I’ve put on that costume I’d imagined all those years ago and unleashing those powers to save people from a life of ignorance!

You can be a Hero right now! We all have our powers in us already, maybe the right situation hasn’t brought them out of you, but they’re there! Imagine we all just flew out our windows right now and showed the world we are out there…ready to fight any villains and take on any situation.

It might be helping someone through a tough time, or impacting the way your country sees certain socio-economic issues, or even writing a song that empowers those who hear it. Whatever your power, flex those muscles!

Be a HERO!


Having a helping hand in life is vital to success. If there’s anything that is more and more true with every breath you take, is that you can’t make it to where you want to go without some help! In all honesty, “self-made” successes aren’t as frequent as we think they are. I’ve talked to many of these big-shots, and one thing rings true: they had help.

It’s never just about wanting something, much more plays out in aid or detriment to your future. (You might want to check out my post “Future Factors” for more on this) There are always more and more ‘players’ to consider in today when it comes to your life, making it so easy to be distracted. You must learn to prioritize these ‘players’ in your life really well. Some are completely dependant on you, others are outside of your control, but you can get them to work in your favour.

I’ve identified two players I believe you can prioritize as a team. I call them the Tag-Team of Purpose! Let’s name them and see how they work so well together.

Player 1: DECISION.

This is the player you control.  Another word you could you use here is choice. For any kind of progress to take place in your life, it should happen on the foundation of a decision. You decide what dream you go after; you decide which people stay or go in your life; you decide what skills you build. The power of decision is immense and sometimes – if not most times – taken for granted.

Some of us tend to live our lives like certain things are decided for us. Yes, to an extent you are exposed to situations that had nothing to do with you. You have no choice in what family you’re born into, or what economy you live in (this is supposing you cannot afford to move to a new place). Some of these things are not our choice. However, there aren’t as many of these as we think. You can decide what you put your energy into. You can decide which people to expose yourself to. Yes, there are elements of life we can’t control, but I’m talking about the ones we can. The books we read, the influences we have…all of these add up to our movement in purpose.

Decisions have this ability to branch off into more decisions. For me to decide on starting this blog ,for instance, I also had to decide what direction it would take, who I’d like to appeal to, how much time I spend on it, how often I post a blog, what times work best for me to focus on it, what negative effects I’m willing to endure (like the late nights) for the sake of the goals I have set, of which the goals are all separate decisions, and the deadlines for those goals, and I think you get the message.

In that last paragraph, I hope you realise that ALL those things were up to me! Nobody else. That was just about this blog. And let me tell you, this blog is a branch of OTHER decisions I have made about my life!

Yet sometimes, things happen to us, despite what we want or believe. These events also have a pretty cool ability, a ‘power’ if you will. Whether we like the events or not, they introduce the other half of out Tag-Team. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring:


Yes that pesky event has got another name. The tragedies and mishaps are actually a disguise. The people you’ve encountered are representatives of this member of Team Purpose… Opportunity.

May I present you with the idea that most if not all events that you experience are merely Opportunity in disguise! Yes, even some of the worst things that have ever happened to you, were opportunities for you. How do I know? Because I have heard this phrase almost a million times: “If I hadn’t gone through that, I wouldn’t know what I know now“. Have you ever said that? Or maybe this: “Even though [insert event here] was really hard, I’m now stronger because of it”.

Events and situations have the ability to morph our power of decision into something we call Response. What we experience is out of our control, but what that experience means is purely within the realm of our decision, and that resulting decision is what we term a response. How we respond, will be determined on how we perceive our experiences. This perception can change over time. For example, a tragic death in the family will lead to hurt, sorrow, sense of loss… Those are natural responses because our immediate perception is “this person is gone..what am I gonna do without them..My heart is broken..we all depended on them so much, where do we go now..?”. This is what you’ll go through (and probably much more) in your first thoughts of this event.

What could happen – and I say ‘could’, because it’s a choice – is that eventually you see this as an opportunity to grow. You choose to focus on the good memories, you choose to do positively in someone else’s life what you lost family member did in yours, you choose to remember the lessons you learnt, and even discover new lessons within those memories… Tragedy has turned to Opportunity! The event had nothing to do with you, it just kinda happened…and yet when Decision became response, you tagged in Opportunity. You chose to look at life’s events a certain way and let it be a benefit to you and not a hinderance!

So why do these two players work so well? I believe that you have massive potential to make brilliant decisions that lead you closer to your life’s purpose…but you need HELP. Opportunity provides you with that help, to make decisions that lead you closer to your goals.

In life, you can decide anything you want, but we’re not always aware of that ability, because we can be distracted by the events. In order to help us navigate these events, life presents us with Opportunities, to further decide how to move forward, to point us in the right direction. The people you meet bring opportunities, the places you go bring opportunities… It’s how you respond that makes the difference, and that response is a decision!

Will you decide to treat people better no matter who they are? One of them might be an angel in disguise, coming into your life with an opportunity. Can you stop blaming government or your parents for where you are? Whatever the case, you can still decide where you want to go.

That’s the Tag-Team of Purpose: Decision and Opportunity! They work well together, and can’t be separated!

Which team do you choose?


SHORTCUT: Thought on Awareness

Posted: March 25, 2011 in SHORTCUTS
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Our surroundings are quite easy to miss. I remember realising just how much skips our attention, and that there are so many mini and major events taking place around us constantly. They might not matter ultimately, but some are priceless, and could change the course of your future!

On any trip you can decide on one of two focuses: the Destination, or the Journey.
Doing either exclusively is not a bad thing. The Destination focus keeps you set on something, it also keeps OUT distraction. Good, right? The Journey focus makes life around you magical.. It’s the ‘scenic route’. Anything and everything goes, cos its just about the experience. Every feeling and thought must be explored.

See, two focuses. I’d like to present a third: Relevance. It brings a combination of both. You have your destination in mind, but you also know to be AWARE of what’s around you. This awareness allows you to seek out experiences relevant to the destination. It isn’t as clear cut as it seems, but you can genuinely explore what is happening around you. All it is, is connecting back to your destination.

I believe that life is happening all around you. Take some time to smell the roses, meet people…you might make discoveries that lead you closer to your destination, or even things that bring more light to where you’re going… Making it a more exciting venture, and feeding you with energy. Your dreams are probably wrapped up in exploration

Your life could improve greatly if you learn Relevance. It gives you freedom with focus.

Who doesn’t want that?