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I used to (actually still do) read comic books that gave me this desire to rescue the world, and put on a costume that would give me instant muscles and super-powers! Go out there and kick some butt! Yet, I never really found that costume. Oh well, maybe I needed to do something more relevant to my sphere of influence. So I started watching kung-fu movies!

Wait, kung-fu was more relevant than superheroes? Of course it was! These guys were taught all their moves, dedicated themselves (more like subjected themselves) to harsh training, and after proving to be the best of their peers, were chosen to learn the ‘special secret techniques’ of their art. See… Much easier than having super-powers from some random source like being bitten by a radioactive monkey or actually coming from another planet (I know my dad was human, but my mum…….)!

Of course the only ‘master’ of any kind of martial art in my area was the guy down the road who was always drunk. Honestly it was an alcoholism of supernatural proportions! So that didn’t work.

Disappointed by the lack of opportunity, I think my young mind realised there must have been a recession going on in the economy of Heroes! Nobody showed me any signs of distress to respond to. I had no reason to flex my muscles that were obviously hidden inside me somewhere.
“GIVE ME A CHANCE DAMMIT!” was my internal outcry. People walked around with no fear, I didn’t hear any screaming at night, the world didn’t seem to need heroes.

Even more disappointed, I decided to just live a normal life, hopeful that one day my secret would manifest itself as some masked entity with amazing ability and my exact features that nobody would be able to connect to me even if they knew me! Lived as a normal civilian, went to school…and at some point, one of my super-powers kicked in: OBSERVATION! 

I saw something in my teachers I never saw before. They solved problems! Math problems, English problems, Science problems, Sports problems…no matter what the situation, they brought us out of our despair of ignorance…rescuing us from a life of pointless living. These guys were heroes!

Then my mum… I knew she was hiding something! Every time she disappeared into the kitchen, I always imagined her communicating with some outer-space creatures, finding new ways to put vegetables in my plate! To my shock and horror…she was cooking! Not just for me, for the whole house. And when there were guests, she flexed her powers even more!

OH MY GOSH THERE’S HEROES EVERYWHERE! I’d been hoodwinked…bamboozled…played! I was just as blind as all those random extras walking around in the comics and kung-fu movies. Heck I was even the damsel in distress sometimes…and I’m a guy! How did I miss this?

So, I dusted off my dreams of saving the world, and discovered I could be a Hero wherever I was! Sometimes people would know my identity, sometimes I’d be a flash in the night, but no matter how big or small the situation, I would rescue someone from something! Even writing this blog, makes me feel like I’ve put on that costume I’d imagined all those years ago and unleashing those powers to save people from a life of ignorance!

You can be a Hero right now! We all have our powers in us already, maybe the right situation hasn’t brought them out of you, but they’re there! Imagine we all just flew out our windows right now and showed the world we are out there…ready to fight any villains and take on any situation.

It might be helping someone through a tough time, or impacting the way your country sees certain socio-economic issues, or even writing a song that empowers those who hear it. Whatever your power, flex those muscles!

Be a HERO!