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Being alive in this age means you will probably have to think more about the diversities around you, whether it’s racial diversity, cultural diversity, or even artistic diversity. At the same time, there’s a silent loss of all that diversity as more and more we are blending and mixing into each other, moving towards a “common denominator”-type of society. Though we may never fully become one, we can certainly see people begin to adopt things outside of their usual contexts to experience “more” of life. (more…)

In an earlier blog, I talked about how it was important for us to be able to communicate ourselves better to others. Most relationships (friends, family, work, marriage…etc) fail because of misunderstandings, or failures in understanding. I went further to hazard my belief that if we knew how to communicate ourselves better, we’d be a lot further in terms of relational maturity.

I want to take that concept further in this post. It is entirely possible that we fail to speak our hearts effectively, because we don’t even know ourselves that well. People have had this idea for a long time that communication is just from you to another person/people. This post presents the idea that there’s a level of communication that should take place even before you talk to others: It’s communication with YOURSELF! (more…)