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As time passes in our lives we get to points of transition. Either something’s coming to an end, or something new is starting; maybe it could be a success or a failure; or it could just simply be a point at which a really serious decision needs to be made. Whatever that point looks like for you, it’s an important one because it plays a role in literally shaping your life or character, and its moments like these where sometimes we have to look back over where we’ve been and who we’ve become. Read the rest of this entry »


There are many ways I could structure this post. I could opt for an analytical approach, or a rant, or a commentary. Or I could just write. So I choose to write, about not only what weak leadership looks like, but also its impact on those who are submitted (“subjected” sounds better in this case) to it. In many ways I’ve witnessed some of this first-hand – dare I say in my own leadership ability – and it is shocking to see what it produces. I warn you, this post is dense. Read the rest of this entry »

Out here, surrounded by the sea of my own thoughts, I became!

Our need for approval and recognition as people is quite normal. We’re surrounded by humans most days of our lives, we have way more friends on Facebook than is logically necessary and we also have our own minds speaking in multiple directions. We are literally primed to desire relationship by the simple fact of our existence and to not have that flourishing looks like failure. Read the rest of this entry »

I sat in a room that sits in me,
Some call this room Reality.
It spun and twisted to bring me pictures
Of life beyond what my senses insisted
Revolving and dizzying my heart it rendered
Me helpless to decide on which path it ended.

I sat in a room that sits in me,
Some call this room Reality.
A dream turned live with the blink of an eye
Yet forgotten and replaced by a distracting high
With space to grow more than any place before
That I experienced in fullness for a few seconds, no more.

I sat in a room that sits in me,
I call this room Reality.
With journeys begun but never complete
It’s the story you start but never believe
Having you as the main character playing many roles
But you’re played by the roles without knowing your cause.

I sat in a room that sits in me,
I called this room Reality.
I opened its door, and unfortunately
Its label said Potentiality.

Once you've crossed it.. You've crossed it!

Over the past two weeks I’ve attended quite a few graduation ceremonies. Seeing all the faces, smiles, photos, families, tears, celebrations, awkward moments, bloopers et al, got me thinking about “finish lines” quite a bit. Everybody wearing the special hat has crossed the finish line of their degree, and that warrants a moments of reflection, celebration…and sometimes even hangovers!

It would be really easy to nullify it all and say things like “Well now you better get a job… It’s just the start of a new race, don’t get too happy… So are you gonna do your honours/masters/doctorate?” and really bring things ‘back to reality’. But doing that too quickly would make you quite a strange person. We deceive ourselves with the fact that since we still have many races to go, we can’t take time out to soak in the current victory.

That’s bull!!!

You should absolutely go nuts!!!! Whether it’s your degree, finishing a book, or just getting your driver’s license, you must celebrate and enjoy every single moment that can when you’ve crossed a finish line. Of course there will be more to think about afterwards…but think about it afterwards. Most people are unhappy just simply because they never learnt to enjoy their victories. No matter how big or small, allow yourself a moment or even a whole bunch of moments where you can hear (from yourself and others) “Well done!!”

A finish line is important and should be recognised. Of course, life doesn’t end there, but life never gives you an opportunity to celebrate it. You’ll need to create those opportunities. It’s your responsibility to enjoy what’s happened in your life. You can invite people; have some wine by yourself; play really loud music… Or if you really deep, look in the mirror for a few minutes and say… “You’re amazing!”, then walk away. (That would make a cool movie scene).

Some finish lines come easy, but most don’t. You’ve probably kicked yourself a million times, dropped a few balls, or even given up and got back into it again. Just like your physical body, you need a kind of “break” from extreme exertion. Our minds need to settle, come to terms with the victories we’ve achieved. They say a highly effective person is always thinking of the next thing… They also say highly effective people are terribly stressed most times and don’t enjoy the psychological/emotional benefits of what they achieve. That’s like being a robot. You’re not a robot.

So stop trying to be one.

Like I said, life won’t give you a chance to celebrate. The reward for hard work, is usually MORE HARD WORK! So take a few seconds, or even a few days, to look at where you are, and acknowledge your finish lines. You’ll realise you’re probably not the loser you thought you were. In fact a person’s only a loser when their failures are more real to them than their victories. Victories are never absent, they’re just forgotten.

The finish lines you encounter might mostly be average in magnitude (like finishing an assignment; reaching a monthly target), but there are a few massive ones as well. Don’t let any go by unnoticed. Don’t allow the habit of not seeing just how truly great you are. You just might end up celebrating each and every single day of your life. You’re the only one running the race of your life, be sure you’re the one that makes a big deal about it.

Just don’t become a robot!


Love and Fantasy

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Two words that seem to work well with each other don’t you think? Well at least according to a comment I heard this week that joined them both: “Love is a fantasy. The only real thing about it is the pain of when it’s over.”

First thing I thought was “poor guy”, because you really can’t say that unless you’re in some sort of emotional pain. However, it’s still an intriguing statement that was at least real to the person saying it, which made me ask: IS Love a Fantasy?

Indulge me for a little bit.

The word ‘love’ in and of itself carries so many different variations just in its definition. When a person says the word, its as unique to them in its meaning as their own DNA, because different people mean different things when they express the word. Every nuance of context changes its colour with infinite possibilities being presented. The one common thread you could derive is that ‘love’ points to a certain kind of care or preference of a person.

Try it for yourself. Ask 3 people this question: “When you say ‘I love you’ what does it mean to you?”
You’ll probably end up with something similar if you just ask it simply, but if you were to ask those people to elaborate, the differences start to become more clear.

Want to make this conundrum even worse? Fine. Think of what that means when 2 people declare ‘love’ to each other. What one SAYS, and what the other HEARS could be totally different. It could go like this between person A and person B:
A: “I purple you”
B: “Oh my gosh! I orange you too!”
A+B: “We’re in green with each other!”

See?! It can change from person to person. So when you throw in the Fantasy aspect, and you start to see an interesting phenomenon, because a Fantasy is a reality that only exists in one’s mind and isn’t experienced by anyone else, unless it’s shared through written/spoken medium (or some futuristic device that takes what one imagines and places it on a screen for all to see, and such a device could spread around the world so that people could pay to watch other people’s fantasies playing out on a large screen in rooms capable of allowing many to see it at the same time!!! Hmmm….).

So maybe, because this idea of ‘love’ is so unique to each person, and only truly understood by that person… It could therefore be that Love is in fact a Fantasy!

However if the two people understand it to be the same thing, does that make it a reality?

Nope! In that case, it’s a shared Fantasy, because beyond those two, nobody else gets it quite the same.

BUT WAIT! There’s hope for the hopeless romantic. All this talk is just talk. Fact is, Love has impacted this plane of existence for so long it really must be real. Think of all the poems, stories, histories, creations… Heck, even CHILDREN that have been born as a result of Love. Where would you fit all of that? I’m sure it could be real.

Think of all the people YOU Love. Is it possible that all that is just ‘in your head’? I doubt it.

There’s a certain ideology I’m after with this post. One that I’m sure you’ve heard, or at least have been impacted by. One that declares all truth is relative, all of society is just made up of beliefs and thoughts, and not concrete inescapable realities.

I could have easily left my arguement halfway, concluding that Love is indeed a Fantasy. It would’ve been a brilliant discovery for myself and may have even ‘explained’ some things for those reading. Unfortunately, that’s how easy it is for a worldview to be established these days. As simple as an incomplete idea.

The world is full of incomplete ideas jostling for the title of “Complete”, or more aptly “Ultimate”. Love, in its kaleidoscopic forms and features is so great, it just escapes us everytime we try to grasp it. It causes decisions to be made that shape futures into realities. Yes, it may share the qualities of a Fantasy, but it certainly can’t be JUST a Fantasy.

Love MUST be real

Either that or a very well-distributed Fantasy.


The final licks suck out oxygen from the broken air
Flickering a shameful light in a foreboding darkness.
Black watches as brightness fails to conquer its madness
Leaping from one side to another in the hope of finding respite But this night in its shining armour lowers his weapon
To watch his nemesis take his last breaths
As the fatal wound bleeds out in a dancing singular flame.

The road had been long, and the battle had been drawn out
From the towns of Fury to the valleys of Shadows they fought! Opposites clashing in an unwanted marriage of death
Seeking superiority over each other’s trophy of stature.
The raging storms of light and fire against the silent planes of Quiet shrouded entities, heard but never noticed as they never Gave away their presence to sight or sensation.

Had the light stayed in its place there would be no sacrifice In the stead of its followers who had given their last offering To a dazzling king of rage. It was swayed by the illusion
Of total immortality in the face of darkness that tempted it from its home Bringing its deceptions of weakness to play upon the false
Beliefs of the enlightened beings that ate wood and flesh with ease. The Black would be triumphant over the Bright.

Slowly the last flame sucked at oxygen to give it strength
But its form was too shameful to draw any to mount a resistance. The blade of despair had caused brilliance to become fading embers of Former glory and power, the shadows dancing around the final light, Taunting it to live in futility, in fear, and in false hope. The light grew dim. The flame, burnt out.
The shadows drew in. Darkness gave its victorious shout.

But who can hear the joys of the dark,
When within themselves, there is not even a spark?



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His wine is the distance between each place,
The miles and metres intoxicate.
As he draws closer to where he desires,
He drowns in heightened mind-state.

For time was no barrier as he made his way,
It pleased to see light fall and fade.
Under night, stars and moon, fear lit many fires,
When city lights couldn’t reach his place.

Specks dot the sky and even landscape,
In majestic view too grand to take.
The dark brings with it many liars,
But he need not worry in his silent state.

Blending into the moments of movement each day,
His steps take strength and grace.
Belief in existence beyond electric wires.
Freedom he knows, is his to take.

Heavy and burdened he seeks out rest,
As wonder loses the sting of its best
Show and splendour overtaken by needs,
His heart full, but his body now weak.

Destination is destiny each time he reaches
Out beyond static man’s releases.
In a new alley under new cardboard sheets,
Our traveller finds a foreign land to sleep in.


Of What Good…

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The issue of being ‘remembered’ or ‘recognised’ burns brightly in the hearts of most people. It’s not a selfish desire. In fact I don’t try to label an honest desire within one’s heart as ‘selfish’, as they come from somewhere that is real to that individual.

I’ve had thoughts of how my life may look in the next few years, and even many years from now. I realise that the length of my life isn’t as important as the usefulness of it, and if I’m going to look back at 80yrs old and question my usefulness, I might as well do it now. Right?

It’s easy to get to this place, the place of wondering, questioning yourself. Are your motives pure, are your desires in check, are people going to benefit (especially family)…? All these questions are easy to ask. The problem is answering them. The hard part is your response to the questioning, because that’s where true character lies.

Part of what I ask myself now (since I’ll do it in 50 years time as well, and probably every few years between now and then) is this: How have I done so far?

This will be a mixed bag of sweets and poison, because you HAVE to address the issue of usefulness. I think it’s dangerous to try “do something new” without addressing what you’ve “done up until now”. And that’s going to be a source of pain sometimes, but also a valuable source of reality and wisdom to be learnt.

In my own life, I felt proud of some of the things I had achieved…until I had to address what I had ALLOWED. What we allow will determine the environment we live in, the way we are treated, and eventually what you believe of yourself! There were many things I wasn’t happy with in my life. The unfortunate truth is most of them, were things I LET happen. It would shatter me at times (as it would anybody facing the hard facts) that a lot of the things I complained about were actually MY fault.

It led me to ask this question: Of what good..?

Of what good were those thought processes that I believed would keep me out of trouble? Of what good was my decision not to confront the things that bothered me deep in my heart? Of what was it to act as though things are fine, and yet have imaginary arguments in my head with the people that were disrupting my stability?

Then finally: Of what good would it be to change my life, and yet NOT change my mind?

That was the proverbial “final nail in the coffin”. What’s the point? Changing my life, heading in a new direction, trying something different – if I don’t address the biggest problem I have.. Myself!

It makes a large difference when you HONESTLY trace the faults in your life.
– So what if that friend turned out to be a total ass! YOU were the one that kept trying to change them!
– You found out your job had no future? Well what took you so long to leave?? What??? You’re STILL THERE???!!!
– Your family were abusive before you were even born! So why on earth are you acting as though they’re going to stop just because you’re hurting? That’s what they’re good at! Stop accepting it and either move out or slap somebody! (If they’re smaller than you! Hahahaha!)

I’d love to tell you that if you just make new decisions it would be easy. Truth is you probably need a new MIND! People say the phrase “I changed my mind” quite often. It is a possibility, but it’s not easy at all!

Maybe you need to ask yourself: Honestly, of what good have I been to myself up until now?

Come on. Ask!


So today is Valentine’s Day. I’m not going to go into a whole history of the day, because there’s probably a million other people doing that. One of the things that I did think about is that it’s not considered a holiday! It’s recognised everywhere, but isn’t a holiday. You still have to work, and do what you normally do while celebrating it. Read the rest of this entry »