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Last week, I had the opportunity to be a judge at the auditions of a university’s version of “Idols”. Now, if you don’t know what “Idols” is, then I invite you to please extract yourself from the shell you’re living in. Needless to say, it was a night full of cheers and screaming, singing and not-quite-singing, compliments and criticisms. Exactly as it is on television. (more…)



Just a quick piece of advice: Ask Others About You!

In your quest to know who you are and what you’re about, introspection is usually given the most weight. Your ability to reflect and ponder on the life you’ve had, your experiences throughout the day, and your emotions, is crucial to gaining any kind of self-knowledge that is helpful to you.

Unfortunately, we all suffer from a crippling dose of self-bias, that automatically adds 10 points to anything you do, to make it seem better, or less worse than it actually is. (more…)

Of What Good…

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

The issue of being ‘remembered’ or ‘recognised’ burns brightly in the hearts of most people. It’s not a selfish desire. In fact I don’t try to label an honest desire within one’s heart as ‘selfish’, as they come from somewhere that is real to that individual.

I’ve had thoughts of how my life may look in the next few years, and even many years from now. I realise that the length of my life isn’t as important as the usefulness of it, and if I’m going to look back at 80yrs old and question my usefulness, I might as well do it now. Right?

It’s easy to get to this place, the place of wondering, questioning yourself. Are your motives pure, are your desires in check, are people going to benefit (especially family)…? All these questions are easy to ask. The problem is answering them. The hard part is your response to the questioning, because that’s where true character lies.

Part of what I ask myself now (since I’ll do it in 50 years time as well, and probably every few years between now and then) is this: How have I done so far?

This will be a mixed bag of sweets and poison, because you HAVE to address the issue of usefulness. I think it’s dangerous to try “do something new” without addressing what you’ve “done up until now”. And that’s going to be a source of pain sometimes, but also a valuable source of reality and wisdom to be learnt.

In my own life, I felt proud of some of the things I had achieved…until I had to address what I had ALLOWED. What we allow will determine the environment we live in, the way we are treated, and eventually what you believe of yourself! There were many things I wasn’t happy with in my life. The unfortunate truth is most of them, were things I LET happen. It would shatter me at times (as it would anybody facing the hard facts) that a lot of the things I complained about were actually MY fault.

It led me to ask this question: Of what good..?

Of what good were those thought processes that I believed would keep me out of trouble? Of what good was my decision not to confront the things that bothered me deep in my heart? Of what was it to act as though things are fine, and yet have imaginary arguments in my head with the people that were disrupting my stability?

Then finally: Of what good would it be to change my life, and yet NOT change my mind?

That was the proverbial “final nail in the coffin”. What’s the point? Changing my life, heading in a new direction, trying something different – if I don’t address the biggest problem I have.. Myself!

It makes a large difference when you HONESTLY trace the faults in your life.
– So what if that friend turned out to be a total ass! YOU were the one that kept trying to change them!
– You found out your job had no future? Well what took you so long to leave?? What??? You’re STILL THERE???!!!
– Your family were abusive before you were even born! So why on earth are you acting as though they’re going to stop just because you’re hurting? That’s what they’re good at! Stop accepting it and either move out or slap somebody! (If they’re smaller than you! Hahahaha!)

I’d love to tell you that if you just make new decisions it would be easy. Truth is you probably need a new MIND! People say the phrase “I changed my mind” quite often. It is a possibility, but it’s not easy at all!

Maybe you need to ask yourself: Honestly, of what good have I been to myself up until now?

Come on. Ask!


Being alive in this age means you will probably have to think more about the diversities around you, whether it’s racial diversity, cultural diversity, or even artistic diversity. At the same time, there’s a silent loss of all that diversity as more and more we are blending and mixing into each other, moving towards a “common denominator”-type of society. Though we may never fully become one, we can certainly see people begin to adopt things outside of their usual contexts to experience “more” of life. (more…)

BLOG-I-LIKE: Free to be Me

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone. Just thought I’d recommend a blog I’ve enjoyed very much, and hope that it will also be of personal benefit to all of you!

Go check out Free To Be Me by Thumiso Masoha. It’s real, it’s easy to read, and will give you something to think about every time!

Have fun!! And push him to blog MORE!


Having a helping hand in life is vital to success. If there’s anything that is more and more true with every breath you take, is that you can’t make it to where you want to go without some help! In all honesty, “self-made” successes aren’t as frequent as we think they are. I’ve talked to many of these big-shots, and one thing rings true: they had help.

It’s never just about wanting something, much more plays out in aid or detriment to your future. (You might want to check out my post “Future Factors” for more on this) There are always more and more ‘players’ to consider in today when it comes to your life, making it so easy to be distracted. You must learn to prioritize these ‘players’ in your life really well. Some are completely dependant on you, others are outside of your control, but you can get them to work in your favour.

I’ve identified two players I believe you can prioritize as a team. I call them the Tag-Team of Purpose! Let’s name them and see how they work so well together.

Player 1: DECISION.

This is the player you control.  Another word you could you use here is choice. For any kind of progress to take place in your life, it should happen on the foundation of a decision. You decide what dream you go after; you decide which people stay or go in your life; you decide what skills you build. The power of decision is immense and sometimes – if not most times – taken for granted.

Some of us tend to live our lives like certain things are decided for us. Yes, to an extent you are exposed to situations that had nothing to do with you. You have no choice in what family you’re born into, or what economy you live in (this is supposing you cannot afford to move to a new place). Some of these things are not our choice. However, there aren’t as many of these as we think. You can decide what you put your energy into. You can decide which people to expose yourself to. Yes, there are elements of life we can’t control, but I’m talking about the ones we can. The books we read, the influences we have…all of these add up to our movement in purpose.

Decisions have this ability to branch off into more decisions. For me to decide on starting this blog ,for instance, I also had to decide what direction it would take, who I’d like to appeal to, how much time I spend on it, how often I post a blog, what times work best for me to focus on it, what negative effects I’m willing to endure (like the late nights) for the sake of the goals I have set, of which the goals are all separate decisions, and the deadlines for those goals, and I think you get the message.

In that last paragraph, I hope you realise that ALL those things were up to me! Nobody else. That was just about this blog. And let me tell you, this blog is a branch of OTHER decisions I have made about my life!

Yet sometimes, things happen to us, despite what we want or believe. These events also have a pretty cool ability, a ‘power’ if you will. Whether we like the events or not, they introduce the other half of out Tag-Team. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring:


Yes that pesky event has got another name. The tragedies and mishaps are actually a disguise. The people you’ve encountered are representatives of this member of Team Purpose… Opportunity.

May I present you with the idea that most if not all events that you experience are merely Opportunity in disguise! Yes, even some of the worst things that have ever happened to you, were opportunities for you. How do I know? Because I have heard this phrase almost a million times: “If I hadn’t gone through that, I wouldn’t know what I know now“. Have you ever said that? Or maybe this: “Even though [insert event here] was really hard, I’m now stronger because of it”.

Events and situations have the ability to morph our power of decision into something we call Response. What we experience is out of our control, but what that experience means is purely within the realm of our decision, and that resulting decision is what we term a response. How we respond, will be determined on how we perceive our experiences. This perception can change over time. For example, a tragic death in the family will lead to hurt, sorrow, sense of loss… Those are natural responses because our immediate perception is “this person is gone..what am I gonna do without them..My heart is broken..we all depended on them so much, where do we go now..?”. This is what you’ll go through (and probably much more) in your first thoughts of this event.

What could happen – and I say ‘could’, because it’s a choice – is that eventually you see this as an opportunity to grow. You choose to focus on the good memories, you choose to do positively in someone else’s life what you lost family member did in yours, you choose to remember the lessons you learnt, and even discover new lessons within those memories… Tragedy has turned to Opportunity! The event had nothing to do with you, it just kinda happened…and yet when Decision became response, you tagged in Opportunity. You chose to look at life’s events a certain way and let it be a benefit to you and not a hinderance!

So why do these two players work so well? I believe that you have massive potential to make brilliant decisions that lead you closer to your life’s purpose…but you need HELP. Opportunity provides you with that help, to make decisions that lead you closer to your goals.

In life, you can decide anything you want, but we’re not always aware of that ability, because we can be distracted by the events. In order to help us navigate these events, life presents us with Opportunities, to further decide how to move forward, to point us in the right direction. The people you meet bring opportunities, the places you go bring opportunities… It’s how you respond that makes the difference, and that response is a decision!

Will you decide to treat people better no matter who they are? One of them might be an angel in disguise, coming into your life with an opportunity. Can you stop blaming government or your parents for where you are? Whatever the case, you can still decide where you want to go.

That’s the Tag-Team of Purpose: Decision and Opportunity! They work well together, and can’t be separated!

Which team do you choose?