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When this picture was taken, I could see there was a sense of loneliness and misfortune about the scene. The fact that this little piece of nature found itself on man-made ground and not soil, brought up a few thoughts that warranted a blog post.

Firstly, it made me think of how we sometimes find ourselves in environments not meant for us. The branch is organic, standing on inorganic material. There’s no connection except that which proximity has allowed, and there’s (at least at first glance) no purpose that could ever justify this unlikely encounter. The branch will never become a part of the solid ground when it dies, and neither will the concrete ever supply the branch with nutrients to live and grow.

The branch here has found itself in a place that will never change after its gone; a place that will only allow temporary memories to last until they are literally swept away. It’s completely incompatible with its current environment in a way that’s irreconcilable.

This reality makes it a true standalone, able to operate outside of a network or system. The tragedy however, is that it can only be this way for so long, and then it dies. A branch can’t live disconnected from its natural source for long.

The second part, the misfortune, is that this little branch didn’t decide to fall here. Factors around it were at play in ways that were not predictable, and resulted in this situation. Wind, site of the tree, and even the human decision to build in that place, all played a part in making this happen. Nobody can say “why”, we just know ” that’s how it happened.

We find ourselves in these situations sometimes: being in a place that somehow, whether immediately or eventually, we know we don’t belong. It’s strange and new, but worst of all, at some point it seems futile. We can’t understand why we’re there…but we’re there.

Most times though, it starts off feeling like something’s happening, like there’s rhyme and reason. Then suddenly you look around you and realise you’re surrounded by concrete, and you’re a branch.

You make the best of it for a while. Maybe even a long while. That’s the part where you decide “while I’m here, I will at least make the most of it”. It’s how you discover your resilience, your inner strength, whether you have enough “fight” left in you to survive.

It won’t kill you per se, but a part of you will always stay on that concrete floor. Something will die. Hopefully it’s just the part of you that needed to change that dies. It could be painful and damaging or painful and building…but something will die on this concrete floor.

All nature dies eventually, but this branch will die alone.

But before it dies, it will Stand…


[Camera: Fujifilm Finepix SL310
Edits: Increased vibrancy of the branch, leaving rest of photo unchanged]

I was sitting outside trying to get some sun, but the weather in my part of the world wouldn’t allow too much of that unfortunately. What I did  get however, was well worth the frantic hunt for batteries, the furious settings management of a digital camera, and the statue-like stillness required for the shot.

The image I took is one that paints a picture of what this season of Easter is all about. Whatever your belief system, the story behind Easter is a powerful reminder that out of death can come life, and that hope can be found in the darkest moments! It’s a powerful and all-embracing story…

Whatever dark clouds you may face, just know now that dark clouds always part, and that once they do, rays of life come shining through! So much so that even the objects in your way can’t hide them!

Be AmazeD

Forget the Silver Lining!!


In keeping with my last post about Getting Things Done, I’ve decided I’ll put up pictures that I’ve taken once in a while.

If you have read my earlier posts, you will know I focus on choosing a positive outlook on life. It happens to be something I also do physically it seems, as I’m always looking UP for inspiration.

These are sights and signs of the world around me…and obviously you too.

Be Encouraged. Be AmazeD.

N.B. Those of you using phones, please note that some of you won’t be able to view these pictures. I urge you to view via a computer when you see posts beginning with ‘AmazeD’.


What a sky can give you if you watch.