About The Maze

Hello there, and welcome to Over The Maze

The purpose of this blog is to give insight and help in dealing with all the things that life can throw at you. Since we are born without a map, life is like a maze that we navigate, grapple with, and hopefully come out the other side with a great story. This blog aims to throw you up in the air and allow you to see what is happening from a perspective that may bring clearer direction, hence “Over The Maze”.

I’ve had many experiences with people and their lives, and have seen a lot of them through those situations. I urge you to not only walk through your life with a “go with the flow” attitude. Take time to really look at what’s happening around you, and most importantly, inside you! Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s informative, sometimes it outright exposes you! However, it is almost always good for you to seek a deeper knowledge of what is happening in your heart.

This trick of pondering upon my heart has helped me see things much more clearly than ever before. I hope it becomes a tool in your arsenal as well as you go through your Maze.


I’ve added a new direction in this journey through The Maze. I call it “POETIC PATHS”. At the time of writing this, I have two poems I’ve posted. It has been a wandering thought in my mind that I should try my hand at poetry, and this is the result. The poems will hopefully speak to you personally, and even help you define some situations in your mind.
Enjoy the detour of the Poetic Paths.

Have a great time reading, and be sure to enjoy your life even as you finish this page!

  1. timethief says:

    Well done. This is a good About page that leaves the visitors in no doubt about what the content of the blog will be focused on. It’s a personal blog.

  2. Stef says:

    woop woop – ive made it! 🙂 love it and love how you write!! keep it up x

  3. Lulu Mukuwane says:

    Awesome stuff!!

  4. Remember Chaitezvi says:

    May I please have your email

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