When Leaders Lose It…

Posted: February 16, 2015 in Paths To Conquer
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I’ve watched a few decisions being made by people I look up to. Some have shown great courage, others have shown great wisdom, and others that have shown great (bear with me here) ballslessness. Yep! I totally just came up with that word. It just felt cooler than saying “a lack of balls”, or “ball deficiency”, or “broken balls”. I think the last one must be extremely sad to behold. Plus I think you get the message.

It always amazes me at how easy it is for a leader to lose their ability to make a good decision for a team/organisation, and having been one for a while, I’m also not surprised. It’s familiar to me. I’ve dropped the ball (pun not intended) a few times and it was never fun seeing the results afterwards.

However, when I lost it, I was always aware that I had lost it. There would be a little (HUGE) voice in my head screaming “COME BAAAAACK!” as all my Credibility packed it’s bags and walked away because of my affair with that blasted COW….ardice.

A moment of fear, or anger, or even just plain cluelessness could be the reason, but in the end, when a leader loses it, it’s usually because of cowardice: being afraid to deal with the consequences of making the right decision. This is what it boils down to really. Ballslessness.

Different circumstances will always present different obstacles to overcome if one wants to make progress. Part of doing this successfully is simply recognising potential obstacles. Once recognised, you MUST come up with a way of navigating them. Everyone’s watching, and when crazy things happen, a leader can’t be found running with their hands in the air like everyone else.

Unless you’re being chased by a raging monster, in which case that’s not a leadership issue anymore, it’s a life or death issue!

You see a monster... Run! Screw being the boss!

You see a monster… Run! Screw being the boss!

Unless you’re a superhero, which would turn seeing a raging monster into a leadership issue.

What you feel like when you're facing a huge decision...with your balls intact!

What you feel like when you’re facing a huge decision…with your balls intact!

Because that’s what good leaders really are. They get to be heroes in a moment. Not in a way that makes them better than others. They’re simply in a position that demands they do something that impacts everyone. A leader has permission to lead, and when they don’t, we all suffer for it!

It really sucks the life out of us followers when our leaders lose credibility through poor decision-making. Those of us who can help (whether through the hierarchy or relationship) must do what we can to aid the leader in seeing where they are taking the rest of us. The consequences of a poor decision far outweigh the consequences of a good one, and leaders need to see that even in the face of their own fears, they’re not standing alone.

You could be a boss, leading a company, or a department within an organisation; a teacher in a school; a speaker in a room full of listeners; a parent with crazy kids (that’s pretty much ALL parents); or just the most level-headed person in the situation… Whatever role you’re in, I beg you: Be COURAGEOUS! It may look like doing the right thing will hurt, and it actually may hurt, but it’s the right thing! DO IT!

You’ll feel it when you’re about to cave in. You’ll know it when fear has taken over. And the worst part? You’ll remember it. For a looooong time. And so will everyone it affected.

Because when a leader loses it, then we ALL lose it.

Complete. Utter. Ballslessness.

Complete. Utter. Ballslessness.



  1. Shingi_Thinks says:

    Dear ‘Over The Maze’ writer,

    I feel like this is such a cryptic message. I laughed out loud at the ballslessness. Kkrkrrkrrkrkr. But on a serious note, you’re poking at a pertinent issue at society at large. I mean SA’s leadership is going down the drain cause we (or rather they) don’t have the balls to cut off the head for the greater good of the party /nation.

    Tough decisions need to be made and you’re right, it applies to all spheres of life. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

    • The Maze says:

      Shingi_Thinks correctly.

      This does affect us ALL when it happens on a national level.
      The leadership situation in South Africa does have an element of ballslessness to it. One that may be more out of selfish pride than fear, which is worse I think. At least with fear, you may become brave. But with pride, what remedy is there?
      Getting rid of the fake balls in place!

      The Maze
      p.s. I think it’s not so cryptic to you 😉

  2. Gretiana says:

    Thank you for this very educative humor.

  3. R.Mohan says:

    It may not always be cowardice. Don’t they say “Prudence is the better part of valor”?

    • The Maze says:

      Hello R.Mohan

      Your quote is true in certain cases, but I believe we’re talking about different situations. Prudence/discretion IS the better part of valour in situations where that prudence is a form of non-action for the sake of avoiding unnecessary conflicts (eg your response could be taken personally and not seen as objective at that point in time/ in that format).

      In the case of cowardice, I’m saying these leaders SHOULD act because the situation requires a certain kind of decision, to be made at the leadership level.

      For the sake of clarity, because I didn’t state what those decisions were in the blog, I’m referring to bad decisions that hurt the organisation/people; decisions that are made in order to absolve the leader, yet not resolve the situation; or even indecision in light of a matter that affects everyone involved.

      Good decisions, were they to be made, could have great consequences for the leader: it could expose negligence; it could affect their credibility; or it could just paint the leader/organisation in a negative light.

      So, instead of facing the music and working to rebuild, the leader sidesteps responsibility and makes a bad decision, or no decision…which further exacerbates the situation.

      This is a leader who’s “lost it”.

      Hope that shed further light on where I was coming from.

      Let me know what you think

      The Maze

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