Posted: November 6, 2012 in Deeper Things
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But… It says “Pull”..! How the… Huh??

As the year starts to wind down, you begin to reflect on what has happened, what you wish had happened, and for some of us, how we respond to what has happened. It’s all very straightforward really, and is usually a precursor to the famed “New Year’s Resolutions” that we’re so addicted to.

This kind of reflection is important to your progress, as it may reveal things that you can learn from, or clearer ways of defining yourself going into the next stage of your life, whatever that stage may be (new year, new job, new year at the job…). The learning possibilities cannot be overstated. It’s a necessary exercise for the concerned and “living” human being.

One thing I stumbled across in this mental exercise of reviewing my life was this: I missed a lot of opportunities.

Now let me say that it’s impossible to know how good or bad a choice would’ve been, if you never made that choice…but you’ll always wonder. Won’t you?

Well, I know I did.

I realised that there were so many unopened doors in the hallways of my existence. Some had good reason to be closed. Some had warning signs “DO NOT OPEN!!!”. More were closed only because it wasn’t the right time to deal with them (but I still peek once in a while). I’ve even written about “Closed Doors” before!

Yet, with all this definition going on, there were some that were closed for really no reason except that I just didn’t open them. The time came when my journey led me past them, but I never ventured beyond acknowledging the existence of the door. The mere existence of an opportunity.

That’s what each door represents really. Opportunities. And many, if they’re left unopened, can never be opened later. Somehow the handles are broken off and the wood is sandpapered such that there’s no visible way to open them, or get any leverage to pry them open. They are no longer doors, but you know they once were.

We have so many reasons for letting things slip away, and these reasons become the justification for letting such moments pass without a real response from you. But I’m sure you’ll find so many situations where you simply didn’t do anything about it…or just didn’t do enough.

It could be an opportunity at work that you had to apply for, but somehow the submission date just came and went.
Or it might be a conversation you were meant to have with someone, but when the moment came, you just….didn’t.
What about the idea you wanted to write down. Remember?? Of course you don’t. You didn’t write it down.

It’s easy to want a certain kind of life, my question would be: are you making the decisions, and taking the opportunities that would most likely lead you to that life?

I could see how some of these doors might have changed my financial situations. My relational situations. My personal emotional situations. Basically, I might have been slightly or vastly different. I might not have changed at all. You’d probably see that too if you can remember what that door represented. And you’ll probably find many of them littered throughout your life.

And curiosity is unfortunately quite insatiable, so “what if” questions are always meant to be avoided as I’ve been told. But what if (!!!) you should ask? What if you need to look back and ask yourself why you missed an opportunity? What if you can learn more about yourself from understanding why you let some things pass you by than from what you pay attention to?

I wonder about that now, and it’s quite revealing. I’m also seeing that some doors, should they come again in another way later down the hallway of life, should NOT be missed ever again! Some opportunities must not be missed anymore, but if you’re not aware that you’re missing them, I guess this post is either a wake-up call or a waste of time.

If there’s one thing worse than a Nightmare remembered, it’s a Dream forgotten!

So, why not wonder (not for an overly extended time, enough just to get you thinking) what opportunities you’ve missed. Why did you miss them? Would you miss them again? Do you care? Are you an Alien?

Now let me say again, that it’s impossible to know how good or bad a choice would’ve been, if you never made that choice…

But you’ll always wonder: “What was really behind that door..?”

Won’t you…?

Door… No Handle.
Opportunity… Missed.


  1. saymber says:

    http://saymberblondi.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/sunday-9-dec-2012-relating-to-dexter-in-my-own-duality/# – you wrote a piece about duality and I can’t find it but thought I’d link what I wrote today about the subject. Hope you don’t mind. I can relate to the missed opportunities. I think of it as The Law of Attraction – the Universe listening – when things get presented to us. Just recently that happened and I decided to take a risk and act on it….we’ll see how it goes.

    • The Maze says:

      Hi There Saymber

      Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. I see you “liked” the duality post, so I’m assuming you found it, though mine was more on dreams than anything.

      I can connect with what you wrote in your piece a few ways, playing one part for the people, and another part when you’re alone. This blog was a way of allowing my “other” side to speak.

      I hope the “risk” you’re acting on pays off! I recently took a dive into something myself. Fingers crossed!

      The Maze

      • saymber says:

        Your duality blog is what lead me to you. I was doing a search for an image and saw your blog picture! Funny how we get connected. Fingers crossed for your endeavor! No paying off yet for me but staying positive. I am trying to sell crafts folks around here aren’t use to seeing (chain mail and wire craft) and I think that’s working against me….no kitch for me lol. Ah well. Thanks for reciprocating the visit! 🙂

      • The Maze says:

        Do what you desire (as long as it doesn’t involve a room covered in plastic with a table in the middle!).
        If it succeeds, you’ll realise you were on the right track. If it fails, you’ll learn something about yourself you wouldn’t have learnt otherwise.

        You can give up on activities, but never give up on yourself!
        (I should write that somewhere!)

        The Maze

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