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As time passes in our lives we get to points of transition. Either something’s coming to an end, or something new is starting; maybe it could be a success or a failure; or it could just simply be a point at which a really serious decision needs to be made. Whatever that point looks like for you, it’s an important one because it plays a role in literally shaping your life or character, and its moments like these where sometimes we have to look back over where we’ve been and who we’ve become.

I’m reminded of a time in primary school when I had to write a story for an English test. Of course the typical boundaries were there like word counts and structure, but I remember my teacher telling me one thing for this test: “Young man, you need to learn to revise. When you’re finished, look back, and finish again!”

Wow! What a line. When you’re finished, look back…and finish again! It wasn’t enough that I had gotten to the point of writing “The End” in my story. I still had to look back and make sure that the journey to that point wasn’t faulty, that I had as few mistakes as possible, and that every line made sense. 

That’s what Revision is basically. Looking back over what you’ve done, and making sure it all made sense. And you can only revise once you’ve made progress. You can’t revise when you’ve done nothing. And in life, there are very few mistakes we can correct easily if at all. It’s not as easy as crossing out a word or replacing a sentence.

Yet, while a season or period may have reached “The End”, the fact is, the story of your Life is still playing out! If you’ve made mistakes, you can’t go into the past and correct them, but revision will allow you to at least spot them and make you wiser from here on out. (It’s also good to remember that you don’t always have to screw up to learn profound things…!!!)

So that’s one part of this concept called Revision that I thought of writing for you. It’s the simple (but most times difficult) task of looking back over where you’ve been and evaluating its worth, the lessons learnt, and the person you have become as a result. Another word you could use for this is REFLECTION.

There is, however, a second way of looking at Revision, and this way is what inspired the format in which the title was written. Within the word “revision” we can see “Re” and “Vision”.

“Vision” when it comes to any entity is the picture of the future you’d most want to live. You could call it ‘Hope’
“Re” is a prefix which means ‘again’, and I recently discovered it could alsomean ‘another‘!

Recently I  came back from a trip I went on to celebrate my birthday in a new way. It was incredible and I did many things for the first time. When I was coming to the end of it, I had a moment where I Reflected on my life up until that point, looking at all the decisions I had made, what they had accomplished, and the resulting person I had become after going through all those experiences. I obviously came to some conclusions about what I didn’t like and what I did like, but I had another moment the next day, when I was coming off the plane.

Different to the usual Revision that looks back, this time I started looking forward beyond the point of the trip. I looked ahead at the rest of my life and realised that my eyes had been opened to new possibilities, and what I had decided before suddenly seemed insufficient for this person that had come off the plane.

I experienced what I call Re:VISION. I started to plot ANOTHER HOPE for my life. Re-visualising what was possible, and re-defining what success and failure looked like!

Armed with the lessons I had learnt, I saw that it wasn’t enough to just look back and tweak the path I wanted to travel. I had come to the point where that was almost a cop-out. I needed to re-do the WHOLE THING! My whole future was gonna be made over!

When you get to those points of transition, sometimes we’re afraid to do some Re:VISION, because its unknown territory, scary territory, uncertain territory. So we stick to what we’ve learned from the past and just hope we are a little smarter ‘next time’. Let me tell you, that’s ok for some points in your life, but there are some moments where you need to ask yourself, not what you felt about where you’ve been, but how you feel about where you’re going.

Before my trip, I had an idea of what was happening around me. I hated it! But you know what? It was comfortable. So every lesson I learnt was about making the life I hated a little bit better. It wasn’t about coming out of the situation, it was just about making it bearable. And maybe you know what I’m talking about all too well.

I believe it’s moments like these, when your life is challenged, by a change in environment, a promotion, a disaster, a dream come true, or a dream gone bad…these are the times where Reflection is no longer enough, and it MUST be followed by Re:VISION, the re-visualising of your future, the picture of another hope.

Have you gotten to such a point? Was it recent? Does it look like one is about to happen? Well, the advice my teacher gave was pretty incredible. I’d just change one word, and say it like this:

When you’ve finished… Look Back… And START Again! 

There aren’t many times you’ll get to do this, but when they come, it will be of great help.



  1. T says:

    Very well put! Sounds like you had an amazing trip.

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