Finish Line!

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Motivational Moments
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Once you've crossed it.. You've crossed it!

Over the past two weeks I’ve attended quite a few graduation ceremonies. Seeing all the faces, smiles, photos, families, tears, celebrations, awkward moments, bloopers et al, got me thinking about “finish lines” quite a bit. Everybody wearing the special hat has crossed the finish line of their degree, and that warrants a moments of reflection, celebration…and sometimes even hangovers!

It would be really easy to nullify it all and say things like “Well now you better get a job… It’s just the start of a new race, don’t get too happy… So are you gonna do your honours/masters/doctorate?” and really bring things ‘back to reality’. But doing that too quickly would make you quite a strange person. We deceive ourselves with the fact that since we still have many races to go, we can’t take time out to soak in the current victory.

That’s bull!!!

You should absolutely go nuts!!!! Whether it’s your degree, finishing a book, or just getting your driver’s license, you must celebrate and enjoy every single moment that can when you’ve crossed a finish line. Of course there will be more to think about afterwards…but think about it afterwards. Most people are unhappy just simply because they never learnt to enjoy their victories. No matter how big or small, allow yourself a moment or even a whole bunch of moments where you can hear (from yourself and others) “Well done!!”

A finish line is important and should be recognised. Of course, life doesn’t end there, but life never gives you an opportunity to celebrate it. You’ll need to create those opportunities. It’s your responsibility to enjoy what’s happened in your life. You can invite people; have some wine by yourself; play really loud music… Or if you really deep, look in the mirror for a few minutes and say… “You’re amazing!”, then walk away. (That would make a cool movie scene).

Some finish lines come easy, but most don’t. You’ve probably kicked yourself a million times, dropped a few balls, or even given up and got back into it again. Just like your physical body, you need a kind of “break” from extreme exertion. Our minds need to settle, come to terms with the victories we’ve achieved. They say a highly effective person is always thinking of the next thing… They also say highly effective people are terribly stressed most times and don’t enjoy the psychological/emotional benefits of what they achieve. That’s like being a robot. You’re not a robot.

So stop trying to be one.

Like I said, life won’t give you a chance to celebrate. The reward for hard work, is usually MORE HARD WORK! So take a few seconds, or even a few days, to look at where you are, and acknowledge your finish lines. You’ll realise you’re probably not the loser you thought you were. In fact a person’s only a loser when their failures are more real to them than their victories. Victories are never absent, they’re just forgotten.

The finish lines you encounter might mostly be average in magnitude (like finishing an assignment; reaching a monthly target), but there are a few massive ones as well. Don’t let any go by unnoticed. Don’t allow the habit of not seeing just how truly great you are. You just might end up celebrating each and every single day of your life. You’re the only one running the race of your life, be sure you’re the one that makes a big deal about it.

Just don’t become a robot!


  1. Debbie says:

    That is so true hey. I couldn’t agree more. I am always suprised at how we shout out our worries and complains but we are silent about our victories. I have realised in my own life sometimes we are afraid that it might seem like we are proud or that we think too highly of ourselves. I have learnt to celebrate my victories but sometimes like you said life has a way of hiding our victories

    • The Maze says:

      Hey Debbie.
      It’s other people’s smallness within themselves that causes them to accuse you of pride when you’re doing what should be normal. There’s nothing wrong with thinking highly of yourself. Tell me one CEO or great leader who didn’t absolutely believe in themselves… There! Bet you couldn’t think of one. I hope you celebrate your victories more and more.

      The Maze

  2. darkjade68 says:

    Hey Maze, it’s “Followers Appreciation Month” over on The Dark Globe… I just wanted to Thank you for Being a Writer on The Dark Globe, and Following The Site as well… Hope You’re Well


  3. paigeaddams says:

    Hey there! The Dark Globe follower appreciation post sent me here, and I wanted to let you know I really like your blog! 🙂 And I totally agree with you – it’s important to take a minute just to enjoy an accomplishment, big or small. Just take a second for yourself. Because there is always more to do after, and I know whenever I’ve focused on only “what’s next” rather than “what’s now” I’ve burned myself out and been pretty miserable. Life becomes a series of to-do lists for me when I don’t take a minute just to enjoy life here and there.

    • The Maze says:

      Hey there!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post and agree with your insights. Burn-out is usually symptomatic of forgetting to get the joy in any achievement/moment.. Celebrating a success is the best way to set you up for the next task.
      High achievers are so focused on the “next thing” as you’ve rightly pointed out…

      And they’re usually quite cranky too!

      Keep strong! I’m celebrating with you!

      The Maze

  4. nuvofelt says:

    I don’t often leave comments when I visit, but I’m shamed into it by Dark Globe 🙂

    Great post

  5. I agree that the reward for hard work is more hard work. I really like this blog, especilally loniness and the finish line psges. i climbed Kilimanjaro last month as part of my healing process, it was also the first project for South African Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. The reward for healing, is to heal others.

    • The Maze says:

      Good day!
      Your final statement is truly something we must remember… Our ultimate reward is to share what we have gained, with those who may not have had the opportunities to go on the journeys we have!
      Well done on the climb of Mt Kilimanjaro, and I hope your healing spreads to others!

      The Maze

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