Posted: March 1, 2012 in Poetic Paths
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His wine is the distance between each place,
The miles and metres intoxicate.
As he draws closer to where he desires,
He drowns in heightened mind-state.

For time was no barrier as he made his way,
It pleased to see light fall and fade.
Under night, stars and moon, fear lit many fires,
When city lights couldn’t reach his place.

Specks dot the sky and even landscape,
In majestic view too grand to take.
The dark brings with it many liars,
But he need not worry in his silent state.

Blending into the moments of movement each day,
His steps take strength and grace.
Belief in existence beyond electric wires.
Freedom he knows, is his to take.

Heavy and burdened he seeks out rest,
As wonder loses the sting of its best
Show and splendour overtaken by needs,
His heart full, but his body now weak.

Destination is destiny each time he reaches
Out beyond static man’s releases.
In a new alley under new cardboard sheets,
Our traveller finds a foreign land to sleep in.


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