The Valentine Effect

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Deeper Things
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So today is Valentine’s Day. I’m not going to go into a whole history of the day, because there’s probably a million other people doing that. One of the things that I did think about is that it’s not considered a holiday! It’s recognised everywhere, but isn’t a holiday. You still have to work, and do what you normally do while celebrating it.

That was slightly annoying, as we have religious holidays, national holidays, “special cause” holidays, and yet the day chosen to celebrate love is just a day on the calendar. Of course, it comes with all the trappings of a holiday: discounts on specific items in stores, massive advertising, and generally a million status updates about it.

Maybe love isn’t that important to this world. There will be those who say “it should be an everyday thing”, but that’s the same with most holidays. Whatever they stand for, you could probably be mindful of for the rest of the year. The dates, are usually related and equally special…but honestly, the meanings behind these special days can be lived out at any time.

I always wonder if the dates are just convenient, then I think maybe I’m thinking too much about it. My personal beliefs don’t exactly give weight to most of the special days we have in a year. Yet I’m of two minds concerning this one specifically. On the one hand, love should be celebrated everyday. Not just romantic love, but even brotherly love, or Godly love.

On the other hand, we’ve become such a “distracted generation”, that maybe it’s a good thing to have a day as a literal reminder to love and appreciate the love we’ve experienced. When else do we see a day dedicated to something so powerful?

Maybe I should be thankful for this reminder, maybe I should be offended that we need to be reminded… Either way, I know one thing: We must love, accept love, and appreciate love. If Valentine’s can make that more potent, then maximise on it.

The way the world has gone put us in a position where the day to celebrate love was nice enough to note, but not important enough to permit a day off, or even a system that made sure it always fell on a certain day (like Easter is always during a weekend). So it’s a lot easier to ignore even with all the hype. Even though I don’t fully support it, but I DO support Love!

So let’s be thankful fr one another and the love we’ve experienced. You may not be off work, but you can send someone a message, or even make a phone call.

Just remember though: Love doesn’t end at midnight tonight!

With Love


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