Hello 2012

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Inspired!
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I am admittedly a few days late (and almost two months without any real consistency in my blog) but I HAD to write something upon entering 2012. I mean, EVERYBODY’S DOING IT!

So, I won’t make this long. I just needed to say, I’m going to take myself a lot more seriously. Thankfully it’s not some silly resolution, I mean, who does that anyways?? No, I started this journey in December, and it has made me into a bit of a monster, in a good way. I think I’ve successfully “pimped my space” and a few other areas of my life, resulting in a bit of worry over how I might eat for the next few weeks. But no matter, two-minute noodles are my friend!

I will be writing a lot more, but more on larger projects I’ve already started. I’m having a lot of fun with the creative process, and the commitment it requires of my time and thought. The way 2011 ended was not funny, and really dealt a massive blow to my own heart. However, being the person who has written every post in this blog, I must take my own advice right?

Right! Nothing that beats you down so cruelly in life does so without teaching you a lesson! Whether the event was senseless or painful, there is always something to learn from it. Always! The only difference between each event is how long the lesson might take to be grasped, let alone acknowledged.

You always, I repeat always gain something from surviving! I learned valuable things about decisions I’d made long ago, about the people I interacted with, who were my true friends…and that people generally don’t know how to help someone who is suffering. I don’t make that last statement as an attempt at a rant, it’s something I see as truth, and something I can be a part of correcting, and that excites me! Yes, it sucks that I had to learn it through my own trouble, but I learned it, and I accept the lesson.

One other thing, Heroes are everywhere, gosh even you might be one! Can you believe it?? And in the last few months, I must admit my biggest Heroes, came as a slight surprise, but they totally outdid anything and anyone else in my worst time.

So, I’m going to do something I haven’t done before and acknowledge two very special Heroes: SD, and CD! You two are totally something special, and thank you for keeping me alive in 2011.
SD you put so much time and effort into just making sure I’m still ticking, which is quite a task, but your powers are clearly getting stronger by the day! Thai was fun!
CD it was a crazy time for you and you made time for me. Every hug was special and you must know that this year you will see your hard work in life pay off!!

What? Of course I wasn’t going to give you their real names!!! I wouldn’t do that to a Hero! Geez guys! Oh, and if you’re wondering who these people are, then it’s not you. Hahahaha!! These two know who they are.

It takes hard times to create a legend, and I will admit, I almost gave up completely. But this story will continue, and I’m looking forward to sharing many more insights about this Maze we call Life!

You will want to be there!


  1. T says:

    Kudos for sticking with the dream… New year, new opportunities to crack the maze. Post a pic of the crib, when ws housewarming?!!

    • The Maze says:

      T, thanks for the kudos! This year was actually late hey. My new year started a day before it! Hahaha!! Thing about time is, it needs to keep up with me!
      As for the “crib”, I haven’t moved anywhere, just got a few things I needed. Will send them to you.
      The Maze

  2. Debbie says:

    I love reading and writtibg. I really enjoy reading your blog it is so dynamic. What I loved about ‘hello 2012″ is the fact that it is not the serious I learnt ta lesson’ type of post it is different and it is real. When I read it I got the sense that I’m reading something written by a real person who interacts with real and ordinary people on a day to day basis.

  3. darkjade68 says:

    Hey Maze, make sure to Sign up for The Dark Globe Forum http://thedarkglobe.forumotion.com/

    and Happy New Year


  4. HI Maze, thanks for subscribing to my blog and i got round to subscribe to yours at last.

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