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Being alive in this age means you will probably have to think more about the diversities around you, whether it’s racial diversity, cultural diversity, or even artistic diversity. At the same time, there’s a silent loss of all that diversity as more and more we are blending and mixing into each other, moving towards a “common denominator”-type of society. Though we may never fully become one, we can certainly see people begin to adopt things outside of their usual contexts to experience “more” of life. (more…)

Hello 2012

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Inspired!
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I am admittedly a few days late (and almost two months without any real consistency in my blog) but I HAD to write something upon entering 2012. I mean, EVERYBODY’S DOING IT!

So, I won’t make this long. I just needed to say, I’m going to take myself a lot more seriously. Thankfully it’s not some silly resolution, I mean, who does that anyways?? No, I started this journey in December, and it has made me into a bit of a monster, in a good way. I think I’ve successfully “pimped my space” and a few other areas of my life, resulting in a bit of worry over how I might eat for the next few weeks. But no matter, two-minute noodles are my friend! (more…)