Present:Tense, Future:Relaxed.

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Deeper Things
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“What does tomorrow hold?” you may wonder. “How is it going to work?” you may ask. Such thoughts are the daily bread of most people and as such, cause us to live life with perceptions and ideas that may affect us positively or negatively. A flurry of emotions are triggered by such questions, and rarely do we become level-headed and just figure things out, instead we tend to raise our blood pressure and temperature and sometimes even our level of foolishness at the onset of such anxious thinking.

A responsible life with hard work, self-respect and love (among other great attributes) can lead to a place of security and a level of peace, not because you earn the most money or have the most possessions, but purely because you can trust that your labours (both internal and external) are taking you somewhere safe, and even if things go wrong, that peace sets you up to discover answers and strategies fr your life.Yet anxiety tends to turn us off to that fact.

Indeed, today’s efforts are always taking us somewhere whether we acknowledge it or not. Today is filled with activity and possibility.

It is where we feel the pressure of bringing Tomorrow into this sphere. Today, is actually very, very tense.

"What the.... Clearly I need to lose the weights!"

This is where all the emotions are felt, all the work is done, and where all the ideas flow. Today is a bustling city full of traffic and hooting and noise and people and buildings and lights and as much you can imagine in a growing metropolis. And indeed, Today is growing!

Our minds now have to deal with work, relationships, personal care….and Facebook, Twitter, emails, television programs, entertainment, advertisements… It wasn’t always like this, yet here it is. Today has gained quite the hardcore six-pack over the years, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. As I said: Tense!

Yet you know who’s relaxed in all this? Tomorrow. It has no fears, for it is what it is. Daily being moulded by your thoughts and actions, Tomorrow just waits, as it is being created by you. There’s no fear in Tomorrow, because it will be. That is all it needs to do, become/manifest/pitch up! 

The future we stress about, isn’t stressing about us! It’s sitting on the beach, just waiting. So you know what? You shouldn’t stress about it either, because all of its attributes are being decided by Today! Today is where we live, Today is where we build or destroy our futures, and all that’s required is for time to bring forward our results. Some of us dread those results, but those results are going to come anyways. What they mean, we sometimes know, we sometimes don’t. However, when they do  come, Tomorrow would’ve changed its name to Today! Present, and tense.

We need to reduce the fear and apprehension we attribute to our futures. There will be a lot you do that will affect it, so make your main focus the life you have now. There’s also a bunch you have no control over, so put all that energy into doing something now. You’re allowed to have tension in Today, but all the negatives can be greatly reduced if we can give Tomorrow a chance to be just as cool as it acts.

"What the... I'm gonna go blind posing for this picture!"

Your life right now has so much to offer, that can give you the best way to enter Tomorrow. Give Today a chance, stop stressing out Tomorrow, cos it will take care of itself. If you could tell yourself to minimise the anxiety for Tomorrow, you might actually minimise it for Today, because guess when you were thinking about it all… Today! So even when you do stress about Tomorrow, you’re only affecting Today. Silly goose!

Enjoy what life has for you now, decide that Tomorrow is a place of peace for your soul, because whatever happens, will happen whether you like it or not, and you will rarely know how. If it’s a call you’ll be waiting for, there’s nothing you can do to force that person to call you sooner than when they do. And to get in the way of that process, might leave you looking more desperate than persistent! Where you do have control, maximise on the moments you live in. Plan your time, so that you can set yourself up to influence Tomorrow as best as you can.

Be a proper governor of the city called Today,and also allow the things outside of your control to remain there…outside of your control. This isn’t a defeatist thought, it should be a liberating one! If you don’t like it, it’s probably because you’re a bit of a control freak and believe everything is up to you. Well, a lot is, and some isn’t. Deal!

Live! You will never be who you are now, ever again. Stop wasting your Today, because you were stressed about Tomorrow.

Be anxious for nothing. Be cool!

"Oh yeah.. Just chillin'. Cos I can't see where I'm goin'.. Oh yeah!"


  1. “allow the things outside of your control to remain there…outside of your control” – Oh my word I loved that line! Ridiculously liberating…!

    Awesome post, really liked.

  2. T says:

    Thanks for the reminder. The present really is a PRESENT, and I haven’t been unwrapping and enjoying it as much.

    There is a great play on words in your post – Real wordsmith stuff! Agreed with Chenai, awesome post!

  3. thatpinkblog says:

    Love Present:Tense, Future:Relaxed. Well written and true beyond belief!

    Sorry for the delay on the post, moving really does you in!

    Hope to see some more from you soon.

    • The Maze says:

      Thanks for support, and for the compliments. I’ve been off for a few weeks and now am back, you will definitely be seeing more from me.
      I do hope you have settled in where you are now, and that your creative juices slap WordPress soon!

      The Maze

  4. Tshepiso says:

    I needed this…today…chuckles!

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