Second Chances (Lesson From 11/11/11)

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Dark Corners, Inspired!
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Last night was a pretty amazing night for me. In fact, the entire day was. From last night all through to now, I’d written 4 posts (I average 5 a month, and this will be #5!); I took a plunge and offered my writing ability to another blog (and now I have my first post on there already! Click here to see it.); and then this evening, we had prayer and that was just so… Real!

We were going with the “11/11/11” thing and it was cool and all. There I was being really silly and saying to myself “are we really just gonna say chapter 11 verse 11 for all our references tonight? Seriously?”, and that’s exactly what happened! Hahahaha!! It should’ve been corny and typical, as stuff like that usually is to me. It was just too obvious to do that… But I got something I was not expecting.

One of the scriptures we read (the second one) was Isaiah 11vs11, with God saying He will “reach out His hand a second time to bring back the remnant of His people…“. There was something powerful in that statement: a “second time“.

I wanted to cry. I shed a few tears, and honestly wished I was alone at that point, but I got the chance later. Thing is, the whole notion of a “second time” in this situation only hit me in a personal way as we were praying. We were all praying about the things we had lost being returned to us, like our hopes, and dreams, even our selves… During all that, I was reminded of something, and it was … Real! There were a bunch of “second times” happening just in that moment.

My brother talked about how we won’t have a day like this ever again. Granted, mathematically that makes sense, there are only 12 days where the dates can align like that, and they only happen once every 100 years (if you only take the last 2 digits of the year, eg 1811, 1911, 2011). It’s obviously a rare occasion no matter which one you choose. But I could think of an even more rare date combination that took place for me.

Two years ago (see how “2” is showing up everywhere? This is just not me… Or maybe it is.), the date of my birthday was 20/09/2009. Looks better written 20.09.2009. I remember thinking “man how often does that happen?” and I was truly looking forward to it. I had so many ideas, and hopes for my life. However the year did not out turn well. At all!

Earlier that year, I screwed up big time, pretty much dropping out of varsity, from an my dream degree. I thought I was clever by not telling anyone, but hey, I’m not Steve Jobs, so it all caught up with me in a major way. I disappointed everybody! Mind you, I wasn’t in some background place. I was assistant pastor of the church I was in (and was half of the duo that started it), with a congregation of pretty much 98% varsity students at the time, and was pretty popular cos I sang as well beyond church. This news was BIG! I lost people I loved dearly, because they just couldn’t trust me anymore. I was the talk of my family (actually I think I still am) and was used as the example to all the younger guys “Don’t be like him, look at what he did”. It was (as I say) WACK! 20.09.2009 happened amidst some serious wreckage, and would go down as on of the worst years of my life (the year after was worse, cos that was the aftermath).

Since that time, honestly, I’m still picking up the pieces. It still hurts, but I haven’t let that stop me from just doing whatever I can. This year, I started writing. Something I never really considered before 2010, but I guess when everything you know is taken from you, you’re actually free to discover some stuff you didn’t know about yourself. In February, I started this blog. It was crazy, but a friend of mine was doing it, and I thought I could surely do it and do it well. And I think I’m doing pretty good.

At this point, I have books I’m working on…in plural! And yesterday (11/11) just happened to be one of my most productive days as a writer. None of this really mattered, until that prayer session, and hearing “second time”. Instantly, as though it was a trigger, I remembered my “first time” dealing with this date stuff and being devastated. Now, the second time it happens, its my most productive day as a writer, something that 2 years ago, I never imagined myself doing.

I just want to encourage you today, not because of the date, but because of the truth: there WILL be a SECOND CHANCE in your lifetime!

I messed up a massive time of my life, but right now, I think I’m WAY cooler than that guy from 2009. Today, it just hit me, the progress I’d made…The things I’ve done despite that time…The people I have and continue to impact… I even think somehow I’m more intelligent than I was back then. The things I’ve written about, they just happen. It’s almost easy. I can’t explain that.

All I can say is now I realise, it was my second chance! All I had to do was hold on until now, and it was natural. I didn’t plan 11/11. I was told about the date phenomenon in a text message! It just happened to be a day I looked at and said “Wow… I could actually do this”, and then prayer brought it all together.

If you wait for the sun, it will never fail you!

It wasn’t a coincidence. Second chances never are. They may never be as spectacular, or as mind-blowing as the first time… But they do the job well. You may have messed up big time or not so big time, but just keep holding on, pick up the pieces, a “second time” is on its way to you.

Don’t give up!

The Maze

  1. Chen says:

    Ah, if you knew how this post has just spoken to me… God has just confirmed something he said to me yesterday, on 11.11.11. Haha, I love it! Thanks Moos for sharing your life so openly like that.

    Isaiah 11.11 – He is indeed the God of the second chances.

    • The Maze says:

      That He is Chenai.
      I’m not usually this “preachy”, but gosh, I couldn’t justify what I was saying without exposing myself like that. It wasn’t easy, yet it was great to be able to.
      It’s special what happened last night. And I’m glad it was special for you too! Means I got something right.


  2. T says:

    That’s real man. I think that day 20.09.2009 was special for you – Its a matter of semantics but that time in your life represents transformation, and what a hell of a story you have now as you go from strength to strength #DontGiveUp! Routing for you Maze..

    • The Maze says:

      Hey T.
      Its very real. And you’re right, that time is significant and will forever be a part of my story. I think it’s developing quite well.
      Being able to encourage people from your own healing wounds is quite fulfilling!

      Thank you always for your support! It means the world to me to have people that stick around.

      The Maze #SecondChanceKid

  3. Ruttie says:

    ummmm wow Maze I was deeply touched by your story, a person who is able to lay bare and be open to that extent literally moves me, and gets me going. I was there that night at prayer and I agree with all that you are saying. I was there because I am entering a new season of my life……a second chance and I believe a better chance. Thank you for that post.

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