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Last night was a pretty amazing night for me. In fact, the entire day was. From last night all through to now, I’d written 4 posts (I average 5 a month, and this will be #5!); I took a plunge and offered my writing ability to another blog (and now I have my first post on there already! Click here to see it.); and then this evening, we had prayer and that was just so… Real!

We were going with the “11/11/11” thing and it was cool and all. There I was being really silly and saying to myself “are we really just gonna say chapter 11 verse 11 for all our references tonight? Seriously?”, and that’s exactly what happened! Hahahaha!! It should’ve been corny and typical, as stuff like that usually is to me. It was just too obvious to do that… But I got something I was not expecting. (more…)