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What the fog?!?

When a friend and I were preparing for a road trip recently, we realised we were going to spend most of the time driving in the dark because we procrastinated on a few things we needed to do. This wasn’t something we were too happy about, because we wanted to take the “scenic route”, so we were going to miss out on all those wonderful views along the way. The sun was setting as we began the journey, and within 20 minutes, we had to turn on the lights. We talked a little about what we were going to do when we arrived, he then said, “I wish the lights just made the whole journey clear!” And as always, this sparked a train of thought in my head.

He was complaining that because he couldn’t see the entire trip in one go, so that he knew what was coming and how to handle it ahead of time. Here he was being irritable that the lights on his car don’t show the amount of road ahead that he would like, yet, cars have been like this for….ever! In fact, most lights used for travel display some kind of limit in the distance that they shine. Yes, it doesn’t give you a full picture of what’s ahead, but I realised: it gives you enough!

If my friend’s issue had been as bad as he thought it was, Man would never have the courage to go where he’s gone, and neither would he want to go any further. The limitations of portable light would be the greatest hinderance ever. Nobody has created a substitute sun. Even the moon has to reflect light from the sun at night, so that’s basically second-hand light. And even if we created lamps on cars with laser-like qualities, capable of shining with consistent intensity in whatever direction, it wouldn’t be able to navigate the land, because of hills and valleys, rises and dips etc. The light we have is limited, and on top of that, it doesn’t adapt to terrain.

So what do we do? We do what man has done from the beginning of time: We move forward. The light we have, may not detail the entire trip ahead of you, but it gives you enough.

Your life is pretty much the same. We know where we want to end up (sometimes). The desired destination can be relatively easy to figure out. What we don’t have in life, is what my friend wanted from his car lights – a full picture of what’s ahead of us in its entirety. However there is only one way to see what you wish you could: take one step forward.

Every Day I'm Shufflin'

That’s the beauty of light/life. Though you may only see a certain distance ahead, the simple action of making progress lights up the next part. You may only see 100 metres in front of you, but every metre you move forward, lights up/exposes another metre you never saw before. You always have enough light for where you are, and all that’s necessary is to do what you can where you are, so that you can see what to do next.

Getting a degree is at least a three-year process, but there’s a journey ahead of you, and each year, you’re gearing towards tests and exams that, if you pass, grant you access to the next year in the journey. You don’t have to worry about next year’s exams now. You don’t have to figure out what to do as the manager when you’re still trying to get the interview.

You may have all these ideas of what you want to do at your destination, but there’s still a whole process ahead of you before you get there. Just take one step forward, and the next set of steps is available to you.

Some of us don’t see any progress in our lives because we’re too busy trying to do things not required of us yet (guilty!). Trying to tell your boss what’s wrong with their leadership, before you’ve even proven yourself to be someone whose opinion they can trust, is quite ambitious, and usually results in a premature and unfortunate judgement being made about you, and that in itself is hard to erase. Why not deal with the first impressions that are available to you, and as you progress, you could very well end up being asked “What do you think of my leadership style?”

Doing what you can, where you are, is like utilising your field of vision to set you up for whatever’s coming that you don’t see. If you don’t get over the difficult hill in front of you, you’ll never know there’s an easy downhill afterwards. Moving forward consistently, grants access to the next stages of your journey towards a Dream.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of 5 year plans and the sort. Goals are never a bad thing, and they can help keep you on track. But no goal can take into account the finer details around you. Also, sometimes these plans take your attention off the journey you’re experiencing, the lessons you should be learning, and even the people around you. I believe in growth, more than anything, because Dreams need a level of maturity from you. No plan can give you maturity.

Allow your light to show you more, by moving in the direction of your Dream. What you can see, is enough for what you need to do. Having a destination is the only prerequisite, or else you could stay perfectly still and it would be allowed (which is sad).

Don’t be afraid of what you don’t see.

All you need to remember to do is this:



  1. T says:

    Thank you – Taking it one step at a time, with just enough light for the step I’m on…

  2. redplace says:

    A wonderful read… great post!

  3. Ruttie says:

    This article removes the pressure of ‘where you need to be in life at this time, or else!!!’ , one step forward will take you to your destination!.

    • The Maze says:

      That’s true Ruttie, all that matters is that you’re ON YOUR WAY.. Don’t try to be somewhere you’re not, or be someone you’re not. If you haven’t gotten there yet, it’s fine. Just take one step at a time… And make sure it’s Forward!

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