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What the fog?!?

When a friend and I were preparing for a road trip recently, we realised we were going to spend most of the time driving in the dark because we procrastinated on a few things we needed to do. This wasn’t something we were too happy about, because we wanted to take the “scenic route”, so we were going to miss out on all those wonderful views along the way. The sun was setting as we began the journey, and within 20 minutes, we had to turn on the lights. We talked a little about what we were going to do when we arrived, he then said, “I wish the lights just made the whole journey clear!” And as always, this sparked a train of thought in my head.

He was complaining that because he couldn’t see the entire trip in one go, so that he knew what was coming and how to handle it ahead of time. Here he was being irritable that the lights on his car don’t show the amount of road ahead that he would like, yet, cars have been like this for….ever! In fact, most lights used for travel display some kind of limit in the distance that they shine. Yes, it doesn’t give you a full picture of what’s ahead, but I realised: it gives you enough! (more…)