#MeikNoize (MAKE NOISE!)

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Deeper Things, Inspired!, Motivational Moments
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This idea hit me the other day! I was very ungrateful for the bruise it left, but was otherwise thankful for the impact it made! And before I stumble across more unintentional puns, I will tell you that idea!

I sat there and thought of what it would look like to live the life I’ve always dreamed of. That part was easy. The cool part was what it looked like to other people! You maybe want to drive flashy cars,  have kids,  go bungee-jumping,  play an instrument, or watch someone play an instrument, live in a certain area, have a massive sound system, own a yacht, or learn how to spell “yacht”. These things are cool for you…but for others they could share something else in common: a lot of these things make noise!

He started off as a straight line, then became quite uncertain of himself! Poor lad!

Whether it’s the car zooming down the street, the screams as you bungee-jump, or your confusion over the spelling of the word “yacht”, observers will hear a sound they will give some attention to whether they like it or not. Even if it’s not a sound, but a sight they’ll have to behold, there’s some kind of acknowledgement of your lifestyle.

A good photographer hates the word “noise”, because it means those annoying dots in a picture that reduce its quality, and a good photographer can almost always spot noise. To a sound engineer, “noise” is that interference from another source that causes a hiss or an unwanted layer of sound to be heard.

So I started wondering, (and you’ll have to forgive me for this): does “noise” classify itself as noise??? OUCH! I’m cracking my brain here… But let’s think about it together. If that spot on the picture, or that hum in the sound, had its own minds, would it believe it shouldn’t exist? Or would it believe it was meant to be there? I believe the latter. Why? Because it wasn’t the spot or the hum that decided it shouldn’t be present, it was the observer. The observer watching how things have connected and how the environment has been maintained all this time, sees this foreign entity and decides it should be erased for the sake of ‘balance’.

Let me tell you something, and please don’t let me stop you from being happy about this: Your dreams were NEVER meant to make sense to the environment around you!  There is no agreement between your imagination and reality, only a war! Your environment is ‘normal’, because you’ve done nothing about it! You’ve maintained order, you’ve kept the peace, you’ve walked the well-known paths of society.

I’m sorry. Get out of my way! I came here to MAKE NOISE!!!

"I'm a victim of judgement. They call me "white noise". Can't they see there's more to me??

Every one of my desires is an undesired speck in the eyes of my past! Every single dream I have causes this terrible hum in the harmony of normality!

It’s the same for ALL OF US!

Nothing in your imagination is even “legal”…until you make it happen! When you do that, the laws of the land may fight you at first, but eventually, because of your persistence, the laws will have to change in your favour. The neighbours may hate the noise your car makes, but they eventually get used to it.

“Make Noise” is going to be my new personal mantra when it comes to living the life you believe you were born to live. The only resistance is the status quo. I don’t know anybody whom the world recognises as significant, that followed the status quo. Isn’t that funny? Yet we’re plagued everyday with people (or ourselves) telling us “you can’t do abc without xyz…”, “that will never work”, “where will you get the money for it?” Yuck!!! This world’s normality is BORING!

The whole concept of ‘normal’ is a lot more flexible than you think. I think I’m perfectly normal. However, you may not. That makes me “noise”. So  noise is normal!

Your whole life is making noise in the room of existence!!!


Don’t be silenced! You were born to #MeikNoiz!


  1. lebo says:

    i liiiiiiike it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to make make some noise! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *practice run lol

  2. Shhh… Musa, You’re making noise. 😛 I love it.


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