My New Friend

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Inspired!, Paths To Conquer, Poetic Paths
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He sat right next to me in class
I can’t believe I forgot him
Maybe the times I spent learning
Caused a temporary blinding.
Break times he never did too much
Unless in my games I was losing
He always seemed to be present at such times
And that presence was always brooding.

There was the time I tried to chat up a girl
And really I was going nowhere
When she climaxed on boredom and walked away,
He laughed at my attempt with arrogant air
Or when I stood to speak in front of peers an professors
About issues of intellect’s hardware
I stumbled on words to heavy for my lips
And he marvelled at how I tried to even go there!

I don’t know why he pesters me
Clearly he must have something to show
It didn’t matter which situation I faced,
It was clear there were things I needed to know
Pride of youth had closed my ears
Would this continue ‘til I was old?
He offered a word or two when I fell,
But I never really learned what I was told.

Finally at this point in time
I’ve made some discoveries sure.
This presence was there at times specific
Yet in good times seemed obscure.
His wisdom was vast if I could stomach it
His devastation was only the beginning of my cure
Believe it or not, I’ve made him a friend
You probably know him, as Failure!

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  1. redplace says:

    Brilliant! I really loved this…

  2. azureceleste says:

    LOL! brilliant.

  3. I kept trying to figure out who it was…. I was like fear..? Lol, needless to say I didnt get it. Good stuff 🙂

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