Even Heroes Die – Thoughts From the Death of Steve Jobs

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Dark Corners, Inspired!
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At the time of writing, I’d heard of Steve Jobs‘ death just a two hours ago. It was tragic news and left me shocked and deep in thought. This man was easily in the top 10 most influential people of the last decade, bringing us technology that was married with beauty. We’ve ALL heard of iPods and iPads, probably had an encounter with an iTunes music library, dreamed of owning a Macbook Pro (ok that’s probably more me than anyone), and had come across that famous Apple logo more than we may realise. We will keep having such experiences for some time to come, and yet Steve Jobs, is gone.

I was quite hard-hit by the news for the man really inspired me! I’m sure there’s a few of us who read/watched his “Connecting the Dots” speech. He fought what society deemed the normal path, dropping out of varsity and pursuing something great, and today, he leaves behind this massive empire. Constantly he pushed boundaries and made decisions like a true Artist. He didn’t satisfy markets, he created them! Fired from the company he helped create, and then reviving it upon his return… Apple Mac was truly his life.

It’s my first time writing about a “current event” or something happening in the news. It’s the first time since I started blogging that I’ve been impacted by such. I don’t have too many heroes I look up to, so you can probably understand the effect this has had on me personally. He was an icon too many, and a genuine influence in my life. I read up all I could (and I mean all) on some of his ideas, his methods (though some I wasn’t in agreement with), and just his sheer genius. I was always inspired by what he overcame to be where he was.

But still, he’s gone. Death is something we all know is coming, and yet it still catches us by surprise. When people like this man take their last breath, we’re all shocked! Yet, death is something we all know is coming. With all his flair, creativity, and absolute defiance of all odds, death still came. He set the trends for generations, benchmarked what was deemed “cool”, but he’s no longer alive.

And that hurts. It hurts to know that no matter what you do, you’re still going to meet your end one way or another. It hurts to think that from being a reality, you’ll end up a memory, and eventually…forgotten! It hurts to blaze through life, and be extinguished! I used to say “your name will live on”, but I disagree now. Once you’re dead, your name isn’t alive, it’s a reference. A reference to either good or bad, positive or negative, whichever way, it’s just a reference. A reference to a memory of something that no longer is, but was. 

I’ve seen death painted in rosy colours with statements as I mentioned just now, but death is cruel. For you, it ends all possibilities. You can no longer create, dream, plan…all of that ends. Death is almost like a that automated cellphone recording when your money is finished, “You have reached your call limit”, minus the prompt to recharge your balance. Your call, really has reached its limit!

Being a ‘creative’ person, I can identify with this fear of death, and the fact that it sends chills down my spine, because in all my imaginative ability, I can’t imagine not creating! It’s that Michael Jackson dream of being like Peter Pan and living forever. Going on and on with all the possibilities of a mind that can dream up infinite permutations of a few talents! Creativity, and genius, cannot quantify death!

But I know why I’m angry like this, because I’m immature. You see, as much as it hurts, it’s a principle of Life (how ironic) that we will all die. I’m still so foolish, to be shocked and frightened like this. My zeal has not caught up to wisdom!

Yes, I should be sad, but not as challenged as I am. Something inside me wants to fight death! Beat it! KILL IT! But that’s not gonna happen, because you don’t face death as an enemy, you face it as your friend! And Mr Jobs knew this (in his speech on Connecting The Dots). Death destroys that youthful pride, and accepting its reality, is a true sign of maturity!

Accepting death, releases you from the fear of it, and THEN you can truly be creative. Creativity and fear are opposing forces, causing you to be stripped of all genuine Purpose. In fact, I can’t imagine that he died sorrowful, Steve Jobs changed the world. But I know to a person like him, that’s not what mattered, what mattered was doing what he loved. You won’t change the world doing anything other than what you’re passionate about! 

That is what I’m taking from all this, it wasn’t about the gadgets, the companies, the drama, the scandals… In the back of it all, was a man who did what he dreamed of doing, making art out of technology. He died knowing he did what he loved!

I’m still far from grasping it, but I can see it’s what we should all grasp. We die. We can leave legacies, but I realise, I want to leave a Legacy of Love! Love for what I do, the people I do it with, and the people I do it for. True Purpose is not about you. It’s about those you touch. And death? Death just comes along and says “Ok, let the other kids play on the swing now”.

This wasn’t supposed to be a Tribute, but maybe it kinda is now. I’m sure, this is one ‘dot’ that will connect for me at some point soon, and hopefully for all of us.

"...you can only connect them looking backwards."

It still hurts. It was almost personal. I’ve lost a hero. But I know…

Even Heroes Die.


  1. tutlings says:

    chills down my spine reading this!
    Im challenged tho by the fact that a lot of us want to change the world and impact blah blah. But do we love what we are doing? Surely if its part of your purpose we ought to enjoy it and endure the hardships that come along! I think at times we bow down to society’s expectationtion, create our own purposes, adopting other people’s dreams and yes at times still impacting but not impacting to our maximum capability and most of all not impacting with a smile, cause it was never meant for us,bt we tried making it ours! ….

    heroes die too…ts an uncomfortable thought! But heroes who die in their purpose and with a smile, make death not seem so bad after all!……i wonder how it will be like wen we too go one day, will it be a “let the other kids play on the swing” moment with a smile, or with frustration because we had adopted that which wasnt ours?……..incredible revelation!

    • The Maze says:

      Hi Tutlings…
      Great observations! Bowing down to expectations won’t bring any good you’ll be absolutely ecstatic about.. In my own life, there’s seasons where I did this, and unless you KEPT giving up your own Dream, then you couldn’t keep people happy..and eventually your own achievements meant nothing to you! That isn’t a life.

      I hope you find your passion and have the boldness to live for it no matter what it costs you in the immediate/short term future.

      The Maze

  2. tshepiso says:

    inspired by Mr Jobs’ life 🙂 his dreams became our reality… connecting dots from a different angle…a hero, indeed! thank you Over, for the thought-provoking piece…

  3. Ruttie says:

    Wooooooooow Maze I loved that…….’let the other kids paly on the swing now’ , in just one line, of what death is. I struggle with accepting death, but to be honest my mind has been wondering there, thinking about death and yes, the mature thing is to accept that we all have to face it one day…..umm that was really good.

    • The Maze says:

      Thanks Ruttie.
      Death is easily one of the hardest things for Man to deal with. It shouldn’t scare us, but it should motivate us to do what we can until it comes.. Almost like preparing for a date!


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