Recently i was sitting at my laptop enjoying my new adventure of having internet in my room. Being able to check out various sites, work on my blogs, keep my updates up-to-date, amongst other semi-serious endeavours. A chat I’d been semi-paying attention to suddenly turned serious. A friend of mine had gone through some relationship trouble, and it finally hit a climax with the inevitable “break up”. The guy was destroyed! Kept talking about all the things she said, and how he felt so useless. He was totally in love with her, and believed it was all his fault. Then he said, “Maybe I’m not worth it.”

This statement shook me, because it was clear the lady was clueless about what she had (immaturity I guess), but more so I also realised that in light of our Dream and Destiny, there’s a lot of things that we are worth, and to believe otherwise has the impact of blinding us to the precious lessons and opportunities that lie before us, and those to come (LONG sentence!).

You don’t really see the impact of something that happens to you until much later. That is true with most major events. Having a somewhat clear picture of who/where you want to be is a good way of keeping you in check, however, painful events will always be painful. Hearing my friend say he wasn’t worth it, made me want to slap all unappreciative people out there, but also, show my friend, and all of you, why you are worth it!

In the event something goes wrong, we’re very quick to allow it to determine for us, what life has decided about us. This is stupid! Why? Because events have no foresight! They’re based on a culmination of events that have already taken place. They are a result! They are not a judgement! Events, good or bad, are a culmination of smaller events, decisions, responses, agendas and a whole host of things. Results can teach you, can paint a picture of where you are, but cannot decide WHO you are!

Actually, a lot of things happen for you, not against you. Even the bad! That sounds crazy, I know, but that’s probably because you’ve been sucked into the idea that things tell you what you’re worth. Let me offer a counter-thought: You’re worth seeing wrong, so you can make it right!

Who you are is so important that:

  • You’re worth an opportunity to see where things have gone wrong!
  • You’re worth finding out what you did right!
  • You’re worth seeing that after things have gone wrong, you still wake up the next day!
  • You’re worth being told “It’s over”, so that one day you can hear “This is forever”!
  • You’re worth being kicked out so you can you can find the place you be kept in!
  • You’re worth seeing the errors of your ways, to realise that you’re still learning, and it’s not the end for you!
  • You’re worth finding out that’s there’s other options out there just for you!
  • You’re worth looking at yourself with hope and not dismissal!
  • You’re worth the realisation that bad times don’t mean a bad YOU!
  • You’re worth setting yourself for better events with better decisions, and better people!
  • You’re worth knowing where to go and where not to go and where to go!
  • You’re worth being taught a lesson! So learn it!!

Negative events are really your opportunity, they look at you with expectancy and open arms. They have gifts for you, not curses. The lessons alone are enough, but they also sometimes end something that would have been harmful had it continued. Ever think of it like that?

Well, you now have permission to!



  1. Khomotjo :)) says:

    Awesome piece maze!! Absolutely terrific.

    My thought:Sometimes we are so caught up with trying to measure up to some standard.
    Expectations from society,family..You name it. Though to an extent this is not wrong,it should be a concern when all we do & all the energies we put in our lives is to try and measure up. Be married by..,Have a house by… etc.

    To the christian..Jesus is the standard. Period!We stumble.. We fall, but get back up.

    Hey you know that song from Disney’s Alladin:”I can show you the world,shinning shimmering splendid..,Take you wonder by wonder..tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide?”
    I love that song because it is the perfect picture of an adventure that I and I believe all of us want to be part of. The troubles,the uncertainties and all low moments make up the adventure!!.even in a super hero movie the best part is when things seem most dim..

    • The Maze says:

      Hey Khomotjo
      Your comment is full of truths and you even mentioned my favourite thing.. Superheroes!
      You’re so right, it’s ALL part of the journey, failure and falling included. It’s part of shaping us for Tomorrow.
      Totally WORTH IT!

      The Maze

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