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YOU NEVER Go On Holiday!

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Inspired!, SHORTCUTS

The year is coming to an end, and many people are gearing up for Holiday season. Our minds are winding down with thoughts of final endeavours, whether it’s exams or deadlines, we are filled with a bunch of things coming to an end. “Finishing off” is the order of the season, because we’ll have a great time relaxing afterwards. External responsibility is giving you one final push before the timeout that is Christmas and New Year’s.

However you may have some personal agendas that actually could suffer at this time of year. You might become very good at doing everything, except You! (more…)

He sat right next to me in class
I can’t believe I forgot him
Maybe the times I spent learning
Caused a temporary blinding.
Break times he never did too much
Unless in my games I was losing
He always seemed to be present at such times
And that presence was always brooding. (more…)

Her face is hard like an ancient palace
With lines that tell tales of the ages.
She barely moves as though she were
A great monument that all have gazed upon
And admired.
She has raised her children,
Her children’s children,
And would dare face another generation.
Signs of her busyness reduced to a quiet shaking of the hands,
A reminder of her present absence in control.
With a body that has fed nations and heroes,
Dried to the point of recession. (more…)

At the time of writing, I’d heard of Steve Jobs‘ death just a two hours ago. It was tragic news and left me shocked and deep in thought. This man was easily in the top 10 most influential people of the last decade, bringing us technology that was married with beauty. We’ve ALL heard of iPods and iPads, probably had an encounter with an iTunes music library, dreamed of owning a Macbook Pro (ok that’s probably more me than anyone), and had come across that famous Apple logo more than we may realise. We will keep having such experiences for some time to come, and yet Steve Jobs, is gone. (more…)

Recently i was sitting at my laptop enjoying my new adventure of having internet in my room. Being able to check out various sites, work on my blogs, keep my updates up-to-date, amongst other semi-serious endeavours. A chat I’d been semi-paying attention to suddenly turned serious. A friend of mine had gone through some relationship trouble, and it finally hit a climax with the inevitable “break up”. The guy was destroyed! Kept talking about all the things she said, and how he felt so useless. He was totally in love with her, and believed it was all his fault. Then he said, “Maybe I’m not worth it.”

This statement shook me, because it was clear the lady was clueless about what she had (immaturity I guess), but more so I also realised that in light of our Dream and Destiny, there’s a lot of things that we are worth, and to believe otherwise has the impact of blinding us to the precious lessons and opportunities that lie before us, and those to come (LONG sentence!). (more…)