In The Timid Nation!

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Dark Corners, Poetic Paths
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Thoughts blaze a path of fire in the heart
Bringing sense and sensibility to a world contained
In one brain with two eyes and an idea of safety
In the known and the barriers it presents.
Within the walls a familiar relative to peace and tranquil
Imagery that has borne the burden of being called reality.
Synergy in unity of faculties who agree the thought should be deemed

Shielding the mind from possibility unthinkable
That scenery could shift into unknown parallels
Disrupting ability to centre self and sort ceilings
Of stability with grounds of nobility.

Introduce the entity Uncommon.

A gust of wind spreads the pollen of ideas
Featured beyond the indigenous roots grounded
In cemented resolve.
The seed cracks the foundation open
From depth to bottom
It seems the wind took out
The path blazed with ash from an idea razed
By the majestic entity spoken of as

This wasn’t how I expected a world to perish,
By the hand of a virus challenging my defences.
Cutting up all my fences,
And raping all my senses!
Timid has sprung and formed nations
Of violent incapacity to inspire ingenuity,
Dealing the hand that would tame my flame
With the whip of shame!

I thought I knew what I saw,
But clearly Confidence was wrong and
Morphed into a child scolded and scared.
Scarred by insensitive invasion stripping
Normality off the skin of my mind.

I am caught in the timid nation,
Sequestered from Confidence
By the wall of Intimidation.

Wall of Intimidation

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