Posted: September 20, 2011 in Motivational Moments, Poetic Paths
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It’s a burglar breaking in!
Safety stolen by greed swollen into action
Perpetrated against comfort created
By dwelling designed and dated seeming to
Crumble under a lack of humble approach
From one believes in boundaries encroached?

Maybe it’s a terrible fire!
Smoke swept up by furious flames
Fighting for notice or at least to focus on
Consuming couches cushions or calories
Throughout an unsuspecting home
Because of fault electrical that none could own?

It must’ve been the pet!
Four legged untrained depending on hunger
To lead it to its next encounter with
Edible eats where kitchen floor meets
For it is late and nobody else is awake
To feed itself, a plan this mutt must make?

Most probably the young one!
Probably pressed by nature’s call
Rousing youth rendering rest raptured
Away to make way for the need to release
By taking a journey to that place designed for such
And the road taking him through the field of sensor’s path?

I bet it was you!
In a combination of the above!
Deciding to burgle the bread from plastic protection
After relieving yourself from bladder’s tension!
The fire of the famished sweeping through your frame
Causing forgetfulness of security’s aim!

Whatever the reason…
Could you please switch off your damn alarm cos I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!!

It's YOU again!!! Grrrrrr!!!

  1. Chen says:

    Haha… Here I thought this was a deep poem. Well-written Moose.

  2. Chen says:

    Lol – after a reread, its actually a hillarious poem. I love.

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