7 Reasons To Dream More Than You Do Now.

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Inspired!, Motivational Moments

Somebody once told me in a very emphatic way that I should “stop dreaming so much”. I nodded my head in agreement, but unfortunately for them, my imagination had no idea what that command meant! No, I don’t talk to them that much anymore, but I know they’ve subscribed to my blog (I really should fight the urge to brag right at this point).
A dream can be anything from an idea, to a vision you live for. It could be what happens when you go to sleep at night, or the wonderland that you drift off to during a slow period of time. Dreaming should also include the process of getting it done, however most don’t make it that way. In this post, I include the process as part of the dream. Dreaming has received some bad press, but can’t be excluded from the greatest of success stories, so really it’s up to you whether dreaming is a good or bad thing. Maybe one day someone who told you not to will subscribe to your blog! I’m not bragging!!
Ok here we go:

1.  You probably need more options than you have now!
Talk about getting straight to it. Most of us are living the lives we are bound to, and not the ones we decided to. That’s unfortunate because it means most are stuck and not free. Not to say that we shouldn’t be responsible. Dreaming opens you up to the possibilities than these locked paths we’re on. The options could be as simple as improving on a process at work or rescheduling your duties to make your time more fun. These simple options can change how we approach our activities, or even our lives. Dreaming could also help you see the next step in your career, or even a change in career. There’s no lid on the options you can produce. Just practise wisdom in when to do what.

2. It gives you something to be excited about.
You are doing yourself a favour by dreaming more. There’s a literal energy you release in your body when you have something to look forward to. Of course, alone this energy will fade. What will keep up that energy is actually going for your dreams. As you plan or interact with people with the goal of making something happen, you experience more out of life than the humdrum sense of repetitive activity. Excitement is good for your heart! Kids know it. But we tend to forget as we ‘grow up’.

3. You have complete ownership of your dream, and you probably need to own more of your life!
How much time do you spend doing what you want to do? Or preparing yourself for what you want to do? In other words, how much of your activity do you own? It surprises me how much we spend on somebody else’s dreams or plans. Even if it’s as small as starting a blog that you only update once every 6 months, that only you read… Start somewhere! It’s a great feeling to be in charge of your time.

4. You’re missing out on seeing providence work in your favour.
Taking the steps necessary to see dreams come true, opens up new life and energy, which I’ve said before. The difference here is that this results in a focus that opens you up to seeing life differently. It’s almost as if there is more opportunity than there was before, and more things happening in your favour, than when you just waited for something to happen. That’s what I call providence working in your favour. Sounds like the “law of attraction” hey? (Though I’m not a great fan of the overall concept, you do attract/discover tools and opportunities to do something once you decide and act on it.) Some of the assets you need are waiting for that major ‘first step’ from you! As you gear your life towards a dream, more of what you experience brings you closer to it.

5. The more you see yourself doing something, the more you realise you can do it!
Nothing trumps believing in yourself. Even more so, believing in yourself as a result of what you see yourself achieving everyday. I get to speak in different settings occasionally, and with different groups of people, there are different dynamics present that need to be handled (language barriers, background, mindsets…etc). Each of these dynamics presents a new area to overcome. I’ve seen over time how less and less this is a problem for me personally. I literally see myself getting through to the people I’m speaking to, every time! I absolutely believe it! It’s now at the point where I’m searching for a new kind of group to speak to. What am I talking about? Confidence! This is what you’re building as you dream more. This results in the next reason:

6. You gradually overcome the fear of failure! 
As your dream provides you with mental ‘evidence’ of your ability, the less likely you are to be trapped in debilitating fear. Note I said you’re less likely to be ‘trapped’, not to ‘feel’. Fear creeps in at any point, whether it’s through anxiety or simply not knowing the outcome. That is almost natural to most human beings. I don’t believe the goal is to have absolutely no fear, I don’t know if that’s possible without having a seriously oversized ego. I do believe however, we need to overcome it. It can’t become the deciding factor. In a family argument, fear should be the little brother who loses because of his position. You’re not going to let the kid decide how much the family spends on a new car are you? Yet he is part of the family, and has a measure of validity (check out Inter-Conscious Communication). You just need to know where to place that fear in the hierarchy of your heart when going for your dreams.

And last, but not least (cliché at its best!):

7. Why the heck not???!!!
I started with an experience I had of somebody saying I shouldn’t dream so much. Who on Earth decided that there was a quota on how much real-estate you give to dreams in your mind? Having seen some pretty amazing events happen as a direct result of my own dreams, I think it would border or abusive to say that someone shouldn’t dream more. Dreaming should be a human right!

Ok, that’s my little rant for the day. I’m sure you can come up with more reasons. Let me know in the comments or email me.

Dreams have only one owner at a time. That’s why dreamers are lonely. – Erma Bombeck

Almost Over.

I’m not advocating daydreaming at work or when you should be doing something else, that’s just unproductive. Naughty dreamer!


  1. Chen says:

    I like very much – Thank you!

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