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Posted: August 13, 2011 in Inspired!, Motivational Moments, SHORTCUTS
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Recently I decided I was going to try my hand at poetry. I’m sure some of you have seen my first attempt: ME. The poem itself was a way of breaking out of the fears we’ve had and the possibilities that await us, if we just allow ourselves to BE. However, this is not an article about my poems. This is really about the act of ‘discovering yourself’.

You’ll realise that we end up doing more of the things we grew up doing or learning. We stick to whats acceptable, and makes sense for whatever stage of life we’re at. The need to explore is quieted by the necessity of progress. So we stick to what’s been tried and tested. We live our lives according to where we’ve been, and not where we could go.

Let me prove this very quickly. Answer this: When was the last time you did something for the first time? Or at least something not too familiar to you?
This question is important, because it can tell you if you’re living according to the past or the potential within you.

I’m sure much of your time these days, is spent on activities and thoughts that don’t really challenge you to find out ‘more of yourself’. Maybe you’re doing hard work, and that’s a challenge in itself, but it’s really a challenge of balance and priority management. It’s not quite something that is forcing you to discover new colours in your heart, or new forms communication.

Your heart is always seeking these opportunities. It pops up in your head sometimes, “Oooh I’d love to try that… That would be interesting… I wonder what that feels like..” These thoughts show a need for adventure, maybe not specifically what you’ve seen in front of you, but a definite desire to do something different. This doesn’t happen for the sake of experience, but for the sake of expression!

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling trapped, but many of us have learnt how to ignore that frustration and just keep moving. You have so much within you dying to be expressed for yourself and the world to see. The way you see yourself, is your fault. The way you’re seen, is your fault. You owe yourself a makeover of identity. Not one that changes you (though it may seem that way), but one that reveals more of you! There’s a lot more to you than meets the eye… especially yours. New activities release creativity and a sense of being alive. If you can add these to your existing lifestyle, you’ll probably be a lot more fulfilled in everything else you’re doing.

You’d be surprised how quickly you can get into something new if respond to the ‘nudge’ on the inside. The passion, the excitement, the learning ability, will all be available to you. BUT one thing you must know: very quickly the ‘established’ parts of your life will start fighting for their place again. And they fight dirty! Using weapons like guilt, and thoughts like “you’re wasting so much time on this hobby…what is it really doing for you?” You’ll really need to persevere to beat the methods of the past, using the forces of potential.

Here’s hoping you follow the next ‘nudge’ in your heart.

Find out just how deep  the rabbit hole goes.


  1. Lebo says:

    I definitely have these nudges often! Thank you for this. I have to learn to pay attention.

    • The Maze says:

      You’re most welcome Lebo. Paying attention is vital. Over time, and due to comfort, we learn the deadly trick of silencing ourselves. Yet who should we be listening to more than our own heart??? *nudge nudge*

  2. Ruttie says:

    That is so true, and this ties in with what you said in the Holy grail of fulfillment. Its fulfilling to know who you are and accept yourself and even more fulfilling to know more of who you are through self discovery and trying new things.

    • The Maze says:

      Hi Ruttie,
      It’s in all of us to explore the great spectrum of expression we have within us. Some are happy to just stay where they are and keep things simple.
      Thanks for the comment.

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