Shattered Windows

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Dark Corners, Poetic Paths
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We used to live here together
Your eyes were my vision
My heart was your understanding
Static amity, common territory, shared silence
In a union fuelled by integrity intense
Your inner world was locked with my key
And mine yours.

Sheltered from the storms outside
The window held strong against lashing winds
Ours was a climate of unified virtue
A progressive drive for intimate understanding
We walked clear in each other’s eyes
Nothing withheld
But a cloud formed above your head

Continuous research of the heart revealed
A sense of untouched brokenness
Forces of time past battling with time present
Jeopardising time future
Sense could not hold our walls
As the cloud grew in impending presence
And devoted destruction

A flash!
Not from without, but within
The shelter becoming the stage of a new war
Seizing the only hostile entity available
A prisoner of your storm, I wept
Robbed of memories to come
Disconnected from hope

Rumbling and rolling intensity grew
Shaken doors and furniture flew
Swirling sounds of paper crashed
As “I would  never” decreased in mass
Possibly nothing could stop this vision of rain
How could I plan for such magic pestilence?
This home was destroyed by your storm

Debris falls from skies above
Tempest calmed by revealing its nature
No body left in the sight of the disaster
No words remain from the promise unturned
Feet vainly search the doomed shallows
Ground overturned and left completely fallow
No hearts were seen at the scene that followed
All that they saw, were the shattered windows.

  1. Chen says:

    Wow – I wanted to keep reading… Very Nice

    • The Maze says:

      It’s a new venture for me to be doing poems. I enjoy the expression!!
      Hopefully I will keep writing pieces worth wanting more of…!!
      Thank for being a part of my journey Chen.

  2. thatpinkblog says:

    This was my marriage and my divorce it appears that I can either relate very well or you were standing in the Great Room when it all came to an end?

    I love your writing it was very nice to read you are a poet that is for sure!

    P.s. I do advocate Daydreaming at work or any time someone needs to take a ‘mini’ break from life.


    • The Maze says:

      Wow! I don’t think I’ve had a comment that’s left me thinking “be careful what you say next” before! Poetry is still new to me, and it gives me a sense of purpose when it gives voice to someone’s experience.. This one in particular. Thank you for the validation of being a ‘poet’! The Great Room will have to be a topic one day.

      As for Daydreaming, I unfortunately find myself taking these ‘mini’ breaks in the middle of conversation! Its terrible! That one is a maze to be navigated

      The Maze

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