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Have you ever been asked a question about your Dreams and Desires, and started responding with “Uuuummmmmm…” or, “Weeeeeelllllll…” or even, “You seeeee…”??
Weeeeeellllll let me tell you that you’re suffering from a lack of Clarity, a symptom of which is ‘extended versions of common terms, mimicking the effects of a speech impediment’. In other words, you don’t REALLY know what you want.

We all glorify ‘having an idea’ of what you want, but don’t demand a concise description of that idea. Being as exact and as brief as you takes you out of pit of talking too much (which is a topic I really do justice in my earlier post!), which is important because talking TOO much takes everyone on a journey up into mid-air, and leaves us all there! (more…)

I have lots to say about this topic.

And that’s the problem.


Somebody once told me in a very emphatic way that I should “stop dreaming so much”. I nodded my head in agreement, but unfortunately for them, my imagination had no idea what that command meant! No, I don’t talk to them that much anymore, but I know they’ve subscribed to my blog (I really should fight the urge to brag right at this point).
A dream can be anything from an idea, to a vision you live for. It could be what happens when you go to sleep at night, or the wonderland that you drift off to during a slow period of time. Dreaming should also include the process of getting it done, however most don’t make it that way. In this post, I include the process as part of the dream. Dreaming has received some bad press, but can’t be excluded from the greatest of success stories, so really it’s up to you whether dreaming is a good or bad thing. Maybe one day someone who told you not to will subscribe to your blog! I’m not bragging!! (more…)

Recently I decided I was going to try my hand at poetry. I’m sure some of you have seen my first attempt: ME. The poem itself was a way of breaking out of the fears we’ve had and the possibilities that await us, if we just allow ourselves to BE. However, this is not an article about my poems. This is really about the act of ‘discovering yourself’. (more…)

We used to live here together
Your eyes were my vision
My heart was your understanding
Static amity, common territory, shared silence
In a union fuelled by integrity intense
Your inner world was locked with my key
And mine yours. (more…)