Do It Anyways!

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Inspired!, Motivational Moments
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This had BETTER work!

Have you ever had an idea/desire that just appears ridiculously impossible, or at the very least improbable? Or even just improper? I know I’ve had my fair share of those, and continue to have them. They’re always fun at first. They invade your mind, filling you with all these possibilities and feelings (the warm fuzzy type). In this stage you’re on top of the world and in some cases, you even add a little more bounce to your step! What a beautiful time…until a shocking and unexpected thought hits you: Wait…do I have to DO this? How the heck?


The easiest part of an idea, is having the idea! It just dawns upon you in a moment, with usually little to no effort expended. Sometimes it’s brilliant as it is, sometimes it grows as you think about it; sometimes it scares you, sometimes it uplifts you. Most times however, you leave it long enough, it will plague you with the question: So NOW what? Having the idea is fine, that’s a result of having a working mind! You should be grateful!

The second easiest part, is losing the idea! You heard it! Why? The problem with having an idea, is eventually you have to tell somebody… And that’s when the ‘fit hits the shan’. People rarely see things the way you do, or can fully grasp something that’s so real in your mind. I’m telling you, if you haven’t heard all the reasons why your idea will not make it in your head, then I’m sure somebody will be willing to tell you. Your memory is already against you here. Leaving an idea brewing, doesn’t actually brew it. Ideas don’t brew, they fizzle out. They only brew as you apply more focus, but otherwise, with all the activity you probably already take part in, you’ll lose it! Add the lovely ‘counter-questions’ from the people you may tell, and you have enough ammunition to obliterate any chance you have…

But that’s if you accept it!

My advice to battle negative comments, negative situations, negative possibilities, negative anything, is to DO IT ANYWAYS!!!

For an idea, there is nothing more benefitting, than action. Taking steps towards your desired reality. I have really fallen for the tricks before, and seen how doing it anyways has helped me get more progress and momentum under my belt. You owe it to yourself to do it anyways! After the joy of discovery, you can’t rob yourself of seeing this thing happen. It gives you even more energy to try things out, to look for ways of making it happen; all that’s stopping you is the gap between Conception and Birth!

Once a woman is pregnant, all she has to do is stay alive, like she always has. That baby inside her will grow whether she wants it to or not. How healthy the child is, will depend on her lifestyle (how you nurture your idea, how you get creative with it, what you believe when you think/hear it); yet even then there comes a time the baby has to come out of her! She can’t decide “Nah, I don’t feel like giving birth.” It has to happen. Yet we think somewhere that maybe our plan is stupid, or it’s impossible, or it doesn’t make economic sense, or it’s in a language we don’t understand (huh?)…and so we abort it!

Opposition from yourself or elsewhere is guaranteed. It’s a natural product of how we think: differently. So guess what, that opposition is not proof enough that you’ll fail. It’s just proof that people can exercise their opinion. Great for them.
Do it anyways!

There may be a thought that tells you some people will never accept the new proposal you’ve thought of for a business venture or a project. Guess what, you’re right! Some people will never accept it…and in fact, you’re doing them a favour by leaving that baby in your stomach, because then they don’t even have to disagree.
Do it anyways!

It is quite possible that your idea could really upset some of the systems you and those around you have grown used to. Well, I bet you those systems were old anyways, and you could have the answer that everyone wants to beat the repetitive boredom around them.
Do it anyways!

A legendary ice hockey player named Wayne Gretzky once said “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”! That is such a painful truth! You think you’ll be a loser for failure? Well a loser has done a lot more than the guy who didn’t even play the game! At least the loser tried!

Of course there is a lot of risk in doing something new. As we just read, the chance of missing the mark is 100% when you do nothing! What do you have to lose? Your reputation? If it’s a reputation you built by ‘playing it safe’, then it’s probably not one you’d inspire your children to achieve. Imagine saying “Son, aim for tree-trunks! Go all the way to the middle!
Not very invigorating is it?

Having ideas and doing nothing, is like taking a gun and finishing all your bullets on a target…then realizing your bullets were blanks! All the sound effects, none of the impact!



  1. Gaisang says:

    This is the kind of inspiration I need… Im done shooting blanks, I choose to blast fully loaded bazookas now ! Im also telling my facebook friends about this site, it might help out some peeps, thanks Maze..

    • The Maze says:

      Hey Gee
      Thanks for the sign of approval by telling your friends. DO IT ANYWAYS! Hahaha!!
      Glad you’re done shooting blanks! I know I’ve shot my fair share of those pesky things.

  2. Tshepiso says:

    I really like this phrase, ‘do it anyways!’. It’s so liberating 🙂 like a runner at the start of his/her race, I hear the gun shot… go…and I’ll run… anyways…!

    • The Maze says:

      Run! Anyways!
      It’s really all up to you. Factors and figures will be indicators of only the environment you’re stepping into.. Not of your ability to succeed or fail..!

  3. tutlings says:

    sometimes u know what to do and u’ve heard it all before, but u just need to hear it once more!…very inspiring and challenging!hope it wont end as a challenge but tht the inspiration is turned into action!….thanx Maze,eye opening!the pic at the beginning says it all, its enough to inspire on its own!

    • The Maze says:

      You’re extremely welcome Tutlings!
      Whether it remains a challenge, or becomes action, is totally up to the quality of your decision AND your resolve to make it happen!
      The pic is a winner isn’t it?!
      The Maze

  4. Rea says:

    This is just what I needed to hear. I think a lot of people encounter this problem and thus has made me realize that one is not doing themselvrs justice by submitting to this fear of the unknown.

    • The Maze says:

      Glad you got to hear it Rea.
      A lot of people DO encounter the issue of fear. That’s normal. Submitting to is the problem! I hope you can see your own areas to work on and Do It Anyways!
      The Maze

  5. SELAELO says:

    I’m loving this blog, ama do it anyways! Thanx Maze!

  6. Keep functioning ,splendid job!

  7. Lebo says:

    DIA! That’s what I’m voting for. lol

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