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Your shoulders are strained. Your steps drag. Your pace deteriorates. Your breathing…………..laboured. Sweat is pouring down your face profusely, stinging your squinted eyes. Each breath burns in your chest, filling you with fire that tries to consume you. Your slow and delayed steps, are ironically the fastest way to becoming something you don’t want to be! Yet you continue…

Ever felt like this? You’re probably holding on to something you shouldn’t be. Maybe its a pointless relationship, or a negative habit… Whatever it is, it’s what we call “Dead Weight”. The fact that it’s a ‘weight’ isn’t the issue. We carry stuff in our minds all the time, and some of it is tough, some of it is pleasant…either way, its something we carry. Everything we carry ‘weighs’ on us in one way or another.

No, weight isn’t the problem here. A lack of Life is!

The problem is that what you’re carrying is Dead! Meaning it has gone past the point of meaning and use in your life. When you’re carrying Dead Weight, you’re literally working hard to waste your time! Yes I just said that. You’re putting effort in something that won’t bear any fruit… Ever.

It actually goes against Nature to carry something dead and still have any purpose to it. A pregnant woman carries a living organism in her called a baby, that has the potential to live and eventually reproduce. Fruit carries seed within it, with the potential for more life. Even dogs walk around with fleas that are alive!

Yet when something dies, it needs too be released or expelled. That’s just Nature’s course. Why? Because as long the Dead Weight stays, nothing NEW can grow in its place. Life cannot reproduce where there’s death. Dead leaves fall away, rotten fruit drops off the branch, dead animals are consumed by vultures and maggots. Even dead fleas can’t stay on the dog!

Bring on the living fleas!

Dead Weight has no potential for future life. Only future death. So if its introduced into your decision-making for the tomorrow, it can only perpetuate more death. It’s NEVER good for you to make decisions this way. You think you’re putting a nice fence to protect your heart, but what you’ve actually is hire the Agents from The Matrix, and the entire world of high-tech security; thrown in a giant wall that’s made of titanium that is higher than most skyscrapers, and an electricity field as your roof.
Sure, nothing and nobody will get in, but neither will YOU GET OUT! You’re stuck in your own bondage…oops, meant to say boundary.

It could be the memory of a heartbreak, the words of a parent, the fears of your childhood, the fears of adulthood, or even a past failure… It’s all Dead Weight, and it was meant to be let go of! Nature does it, so stop trying to be clever… Let it fall away..

Stop calling it back from the dead! Have you ever seen a woman walk around with a dead baby on her back, acting like its alive? I bet you haven’t. And if you have I bet it will be an image you won’t forget. When someone dies, you bury them.

Bury your Dead Weight.

Let it Rest In Peace!