SHORTCUT: Thought on Awareness

Posted: March 25, 2011 in SHORTCUTS
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Our surroundings are quite easy to miss. I remember realising just how much skips our attention, and that there are so many mini and major events taking place around us constantly. They might not matter ultimately, but some are priceless, and could change the course of your future!

On any trip you can decide on one of two focuses: the Destination, or the Journey.
Doing either exclusively is not a bad thing. The Destination focus keeps you set on something, it also keeps OUT distraction. Good, right? The Journey focus makes life around you magical.. It’s the ‘scenic route’. Anything and everything goes, cos its just about the experience. Every feeling and thought must be explored.

See, two focuses. I’d like to present a third: Relevance. It brings a combination of both. You have your destination in mind, but you also know to be AWARE of what’s around you. This awareness allows you to seek out experiences relevant to the destination. It isn’t as clear cut as it seems, but you can genuinely explore what is happening around you. All it is, is connecting back to your destination.

I believe that life is happening all around you. Take some time to smell the roses, meet people…you might make discoveries that lead you closer to your destination, or even things that bring more light to where you’re going… Making it a more exciting venture, and feeding you with energy. Your dreams are probably wrapped up in exploration

Your life could improve greatly if you learn Relevance. It gives you freedom with focus.

Who doesn’t want that?




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