Action-Packed Pointlessness!

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Paths To Conquer
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And the award for “Most Random Title” goes to… Well, maybe it’s not THE most random title for a blog, but it definitely captures the essence of the message I’m going to convey (which is the job of any title actually…in case you were wondering). Thinking of all the activity most of us take part in, is quite mind-blowing. We wake up…dress up…eat up…work up (ok that didn’t work)…talk to people…make decisions…feel emotions…desire…detest…etc! It’s an absolute smorgasboard of activity; all of it is a choice of some kind, driven by some…thing. What is that ‘thing’? What is the motivating factor in all of this stuff we call a ‘life’? Well to answer this I’m about to do something none of us (who are human and think rationally) likes to hear: I’m about to answer a question with a question!

I believe in all that we do, we can ask a simple question, which will answer my previous one. I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, and have all thought about it before. When you do anything, consider anything, or even after going through some event, you’ve probably asked this question:

What’s the POINT?

What drives us? The point. What motivates us? The point. What is that ‘thing’? Well I don’t know, i just found it there! All activity has a point. If you were to look at a map to find out where you want to go, you would look for…you guessed it: a point. Any ‘point’ that motivates us, is actually a destination we would like to get to. In fact, ‘destination’ could easily be a synonym for the point, as it encapsulates what we’re trying to achieve in whatever we do, we’re trying to get to a destination in our lives. This destination is the reality we hope to create through our activity.

Now, previously I stated that all activity has a point. That’s the easy part. Everything you do in your life, big or small, has an end to it, and everybody is just doing stuff! There’s lots of activity taking place today. Look around you… Life is action-packed! The hustle and bustle is everywhere, even when you have tough times, they come with their own set of actions to perform. Whether you like it or not, you’re always doing something. Even when you’re doing nothing, you’re doing something. I see people moving, talking, thinking, working…some even sleep! The lives we lead are full of activity, and all activity has a point.

With so much going on, sometimes I wonder: how many of us even know the point of all that we do? Have you defined the point? This is something to ponder on greatly, because there’s a whole lot you probably do for better or for worse, but do you know which is which? It’s important to think about this because all activity has a point, therefore all activity has a destination! It isn’t easy to keep track of our ‘points’, but in this day, it’s easy to lose track. Sometimes, you understand you’ve just got to get into the grind for a while, or really focus on something for a season; I just ask myself sometimes (admittedly more recently than previously…even The Maze learns!), “What is the point?” Like I’ve said, EVERYBODY’S doing SOMETHING, and though realising that all activity has a destination, that’s the easy part. What grabs me is this next statement, and this is the hard part:

Not all activity takes us to the point we want to be!

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of “pointless action”. Now, nothing is truly ‘pointless’, but many things we do probably have no defined points to them. Please don’t get me wrong, there are also things that aren’t so life-defining that they warrant a ‘point’. Some conversations are just fun, or a way to pass the time; some events are just for the moment; even some people in our lives are just…there (you KNOW I’m telling the truth)! I’m not asking you to become legalistic in your pursuit of a ‘pointed life’, what I am asking however is that you pay more attention to your activity. Massive amounts of time are spent living in ‘auto-pilot’, and if you’re not careful your plane could land somewhere you never expected!


You probably need to make some changes, big and small, but mostly small. I say that because it’s small things that make major differences over time. If you can connect your ‘points’, they will lead you somewhere you want to be.

Why engage? Well, I’m about to do something you probably don’t like, and I’ve done it earlier in this post: answer a question with a question… Why do so many people have desires, and yet so few reach them? I mean, everybody’s doing something… It’s just that most of it is possibly ‘pointless’. Action-packed lives, complete with waking up and going to sleep, but no defined point!

Do your life a favour:



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